iPhone SE 5G Made of Eco-Friendly Material

Telset.id, Jakarta – iPhone SE 5G is indeed plotted as the latest iPhone at a low price. Nevertheless, apparently smartphone It is made with environmentally friendly materials.

iPhone SE 5G is made of low-carbon aluminum. This is part of Apple’s green bond initiative with an investment of USD 4.7 billion or equivalent to Rp. 67.4 trillion.

The low-carbon aluminum material is manufactured by Elysis, an aluminum supplier company based in Quebec, Canada. However, unlike other companies, the aluminum manufacturing process at Elysis is very environmentally friendly.

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For example, during the production process, Elysis uses hydropower. Then according to the CEO of Elysis, Vincent Chris when producing low-carbon primary aluminum, the company will not emit greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead, the waste released during production is in the form of oxygen, so it is safe for the environment.

“This is the first time that aluminum has been produced with this commercial purity, without greenhouse gas emissions and on an industrial scale,” said Chris.

iPhone SE 5G Low Carbon Aluminum
Low carbon aluminum manufacturing process (Photo credit: Phone Arena)

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“The sale to Apple confirms the market’s interest in aluminum produced using our breakthrough Elysis carbon-free smelting technology,” he added.

Apple’s move to use low-carbon aluminum is logical, because the price of the iPhone SE 5G is relatively cheap, so if it is produced in large quantities, the production process does not pollute the environment.

The iPhone SE itself was released in early March 2022, with low prices starting at USD 429 or the equivalent of Rp. 6 million.

Please note that actually Apple has been trying to be environmentally friendly in the manufacture of products. For example, there are several Apple products that have used 100% recycled aluminum.

In addition, since the iPhone 12 Series, Apple has removed the charger adapter and EarPods from the sales box for the latest iPhones.

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At that time, Apple’s decision caused controversy, but the company still eliminated the two products on the grounds to produce products that were more environmentally friendly.

As a result, Apple doesn’t just support trying to protect the environment on Earth. This strategy allows the company to save up to USD 6.5 billion or equivalent to Rp. 93 trillion. (NM/MF)