Iraqi Parliament Fails to Elect President for Second Time

Iraq’s parliament suspended the session to elect the republic’s president on Saturday (26/3) because the number of members present did not meet the quorum.

Under Iraq’s constitution, the parliamentary session to elect the president must be attended by two-thirds of the councilors or 220 members. When the trial began on Saturday, only 202 members were present. Therefore, the trial was adjourned until Monday (29/3).

Iraqi politicians have so far failed to agree on a compromise candidate for the country’s number one position.

The failure to elect a president reflects sharp divisions among Iraq’s political factions, which have only grown since parliamentary elections on October 10, the results of which were rejected by Iran-backed political groups.

There were 40 candidates nominated for the post, from various parliamentary blocs and independent individuals, including a number of Arabs and Kurds.

Reber Ahmad, candidate from the Sadr-Barzani-Halbousi coalition, is believed to be the most likely winner of the election. [em/ft]