Is Edge of Eternity a JRPG Made Only by 9 People?

Edge of Eternity is arguably the breakthrough in today’s gaming world because it proves that a few teams can compete with big developers. Initially announced in 2014, Edge of Eternity made gamers or JRPG fans amazed because of the world and graphics that were presented. Moreover, Midgar Studio, as the developer, worked on this game with a very small number of members.

Edge of Eternity

This game tries to bring back the good times for gamers that are colored by turn-based classic-style JRPG games. In addition, the developer Midgar Studio is quite successful in executing this open world game. Although carrying the classic JRPG style, Edge of Eternity tries to carry a non-linear story that is usually identical to JRPG games. Midgar Studio is also very confident in releasing this game to various platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and also PC.

Edge of Eternity

Are you curious about what’s next? On this occasion, Buddygame will discuss the game Edge of Eternity regarding the gameplay, storyline, and graphics. Follow this article to the end.

Edge of Eternity: Born From a Small Studio with a Big Obsession

Judging from the trailer and also some screenshots that you can find in several media, Edge of Eternity is not a game to play. This game tries to show off the beauty of the RPG world wrapped in beautiful Final Fantasy-style music.

Edge of Eternity

What might surprise gamers is that the team that designed this game initially consisted of 4 people (3 programmers and a well-known music composer Yasunori Matsuda who has handled the music of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, and also Soul Sacrifice). For some this project may be too ambitious and too grandiose.

Edge of Eternity

How come? If this game has not been made, many people will say it is impossible. However, Midgar Studio tried to dismiss this perception and finally actually executed this one game very well. Even though graphically it can’t compete with top RPG games like Final Fantasy XV, Edge of Eternity can’t be underestimated.

As an indie game, Edge of Eternity is able to present a detailed open world world as well as good graphics that are quite comparable to big games. Thanks to the support of its supporters through the kickstarter campaign, Midgar Studio finally received funds equivalent to Rp. 2.2 billion.

Edge of Eternity Fighting Style: Traditional JRPG Classic

If you look at the fighting style, Edge of Eternity carries a battle system mechanism like Final Fantasy. The turn-based style has its fans. In fact, many are disappointed with Final Fantasy XV because it has abandoned its old school fighting style and replaced it with an action RPG style. The world presented is also a blend of fantasy and sci-fi worlds. This reminds us of Star Ocean trying to take on such a theme.

Edge of Eternity

This game is divided into several chapters. In the first chapter, you will only play two characters, namely Daryon and Selene. It seems that for the size of a JRPG game, the characters presented by this game are very few. Throughout the journey of the first chapter you will continue to use these two characters.

Divided into Several Chapters

Next, there is chapter 2 which was just released in 2019 with the subtitle The Plains of Solna which presents a lot of new story content, new places, and a giant cat that you can use to explore faster. Due to the rapid development of this game, Midgar Studios finally added a few more people to work on this JRPG game.

In July 2019, this French developer finally released Edge of Eternity Chapter 3 Reunion. This time, there are additional characters who will enliven your adventures to explore the world of Edge of Eternity.

Conclusion Edge of Etermity: Quite Worth It Because The Price Is Also Cheap!

As a game developed by a small studio, Edge of Eternity can be said to be very impressive, especially since this game tries to present a very wide open world. In addition, this game can be used as a cure for nostalgia for fans of the classic JRPG style who are increasingly lacking in new games that carry this style. On Steam, this game has been repeatedly discounted at attractive prices, even though the initial price was already cheap. For us, what is lacking is the number of characters that tend to be small. In fact, we hope that there will be many characters with interesting background stories like the JRPG games that have come out in the past.