Is it safe to wash your hair every day? Here’s the Expert’s Explanation – Everyone has different hair and skin types. So, some people’s hair can get oily quickly and cause dandruff.

The only way to get rid of the oil is to wash it.

However, many are afraid that doing it every day will cause dry hair, breakage, and can even limit hair growth.

Pharmacist at Chemist Click for Mira Showers, Abbas Kanani, says how often you wash depends on the shampoo you use, your hair type, and how much oil your scalp produces.

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Launch UK Expresshere are three rules of shampooing:

Illustration of shampooing (Shutterstock)

1. Know your hair type

Women should shampoo them every one to two days if they have oily scalp.

People with thin or straight hair also need to wash it every other day because this type of hair has no texture and oil easily sticks to the hair.

While afro hair types should wash about one to two times a week because they need oil to keep the hair soft, to prevent breakage and dryness.

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2. Wash as often as needed

Generally men who have concerns that shampooing every day will cause hair loss.

However, Kanani said that was impossible

“Frequent shampooing will not cause baldness,” he explained.

Two to four times a week is recommended for men. However, using hair products can clog pores and reduce the amount of oil produced.

“Lack of oil can dry and damage the hair. If the hair is oily after a day, wash it,” he continued.

3. If you have dandruff, find the balance

“Frequent shampooing tends to make dandruff worse. However, not shampooing often enough can cause an itchy scalp, which also makes dandruff worse,” adds Kanani.

Kanani suggests using an anti-dandruff shampoo two to three times a week.