Is it true that MANGO Live Applications Can Make Money?

Is it true that MANGO Live Applications Can Make Money – In times of pandemic like now, it makes developers to continue to innovate to create applications with various functions and uses that can certainly be enjoyed by various groups as entertainment applications or applications that can make money like this mango live .

What is Mango Live app? So mango live is a streaming application where users can live stream directly. This application is very suitable and useful for those of you who are currently free and bored because they have to stay indoors. Not only that, in mango live you can also interact with fellow users for various stories directly.

In addition to the mango live streaming application that we will discuss this time, of course there are many similar applications such as Kitty Live, Bigo Live, Nono Live and many more that you can find on the Play Store. It turns out that mango live can not only be used as a streaming application and interact with fellow users, but you will also be able to earn money from the application.

For those of you who are curious about whether mango live is proven to pay and are interested in trying to use this application, please refer to this article to the end so you don’t miss any important information.

Features In the MANGO Live Application

Is it true that MANGO Live Applications Can Make Money?

As explained above, the mango live application is one of the many live streaming applications that are currently favored by all people in the world, without exception Indonesia. If you manage to become a streamer then you will get many prizes or gifts from the audience that you managed to entertain.

It doesn’t stop here, as a mango live streaming application, it has been equipped with various cool features that are very useful and much liked by users of this application. To be able to find out more about the features in the mango live application, we will provide a review for you.

  • Unlock All Rooms, by using this feature you will be able to easily get in and out of the room without having to use coins or diamonds even though the room is still locked.
  • chat features, this feature will help you to chat that you can’t convey when the person is live streaming, but to be able to use the chat feature make sure that you have followed him.
  • VIP Unlock, as explained above that this feature is what makes the mango live application much in demand. Where this feature will be able to open a VIP room that is already available in this application for free.
  • No Ads, the presence of advertisements will certainly be able to disturb the users of the application. But in this mango live application you will not get ads so you can comfortably watch streaming.
  • Effect Options, if other live streaming applications cannot add effects when you want to do live, then the mango live application will allow adding effects to beautify yourself in live streaming activities.
  • Anti Banned, which you don’t need to worry about if you want to use the mango live streaming application because this application already has maintained security so that your account will not be banned.

How To Get Money From MANGO Live

Many questions arise, is it true that the Mago Live application can make money? The answer is yes. How to? The method is very easy, namely by becoming a host.

Hosts or broadcasters are those who bring live streaming broadcasts. So, you will be in front of the camera and show your talent or just have a normal chat. It should be noted that the profession of being a host is divided into two, namely the official host or the official host and the unofficial host, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Official Host or Official Host

The official host is a live streaming host who is under contract with the agency. In other words, an official host like this works under a certain agency.

The schedule and the amount of income he makes as a mango live host have been determined in accordance with a mutually agreed contract. Many users target this job because it is seen as more certain and doesn’t have to go to the trouble of finding an audience.

Unofficial Host

The meaning of unofficial hosts are those who broadcast live streaming independently without a contract with an agency. Usually unofficial hosts are more free and can adapt to other jobs than official hosts who can’t do their own thing.

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