Is Stalking a Mental Disorder? – One of the many problems with being a celebrity is having a stalker or stalkers.

Case stalker the most highlighted happened to K-Pop idols. For example, Lovelyz’s Jisoo who was stalked while going to pilates class, or BTS’ Jungkook who was stalked by a woman nicknamed ‘Carrot Nuna’.

Not only K-Pop idols, former One Direction member Harry Styles has also recently been in trouble with stalkers.

In fact, the stalker named Pablo Tarazaga-Oreo (28) broke into the singer’s house and hurt one of the workers on Wednesday last week, reports Mirror.

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Regardless of the case, have you ever wondered if stalking is a mental disorder?

Jisoo Lovelyz [Soompi]
Jisoo Lovelyz [Soompi]

By page Doctor NDTVstalking is not a mental disorder, but rather a behavior.

However, a stalker may have a mental disorder or personality disorder that motivates the problematic behavior.

Stalking is defined as unwelcome repeated communication or approaches that can cause fear in the victim.

Many stalkers are distracted and lack the ability to reason and socialize with others because of their mental disorder.

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Contrary to popular belief, most stalkers do not suffer from hallucinations or delusions, although many do suffer from mental disorders such as depression, substance abuse, and personality disorders.

Here are the common characteristics of a stalker:

This type of individual constantly thinks about the person they idolize. Stalking is all about obsession. Obviously the stalker is psychologically unstable.

Many stalkers have a history of difficult relationships with other people. They have a feeling of rejection inside of them and often keep an eye on their partner.

Many stalkers are intelligent and carefully plan their own behavior. This person can be categorized as a sociopath.

A sociopath is adept at plotting ‘attacks’ and controlling others with his charms.

Most stalkers believe that the object of their desire is the only person they love and tend to be motivated to pursue it based on this type of thinking.