Jada Pinkett Smith Alopecia, These 4 Facts About Female Baldness You Must Know

Suara.com – Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia became the talk of the town after Will Smith, Jada’s husband, slapped The Oscars host Chris Rock hard in the face.

Will felt that Chris Rock’s joke about his wife’s health had gone too far. There were pros and cons on social media, regarding whether Will’s actions against Chris Rock were worthy of being broadcast live.

Apart from that, baldness can indeed attack anyone, including women. Although only 20 percent of women in the world experience baldness, this condition needs to be watched out for because it can signal a serious health problem.

For that, consider 5 facts about female baldness that you need to know, quoted from ClevelandClinic.

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baldness illustration.  (Shutterstock)
baldness illustration. (Shutterstock)

1. Causes of female baldness

There are three main causes of women going bald. First, is the use of drugs that make it difficult for hair follicles to grow. Cancer treatment through chemotherapy is known to be prone to causing baldness in women.

Second is age. When women are over 50 years old, the ability of the hair roots to maintain hair decreases drastically, which can lead to baldness.

The third is alopecia, baldness and hair loss caused by an autoimmune disorder experienced by Jada Pinkett Smith.

2. Risk factors for female pattern baldness

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Age and health conditions greatly affect female pattern baldness. Women aged over 40 years and chemotherapy patients are very susceptible to baldness.