Jakarta will be repaired, not abandoned

Jakarta, IDN Times – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo emphasized that although in the end the location of the capital city will be moved to East Kalimantan, it does not mean that Jakarta is left with a bunch of problems. He said Jakarta would still be repaired.

“So, there should be no such perception,” said Jokowi when chairing a meeting regarding the continuation of the relocation of the capital city from Jakarta to North Penajam Paser Regency (PPU) on Thursday (10/3/2022).

A number of acute problems that are still entangling Jakarta include floods, traffic jams and rising sea levels. In fact, the coastal area of ​​Jakarta is predicted to sink in 2050.

Jokowi asked his staff to convey to the public that the relocation of the capital was because he wanted to equalize the GDP of the economy. So that there is no longer a gap between economic income in Java and outside Java.

“Regarding the dense population in Java, 56 percent of Indonesia’s population is concentrated on the island of Java. 58 percent of economic GDP is also found in Java,” he said.

Then, what are the tasks of the Head of the IKN Authority and the Deputy Head of the IKN Authority after being sworn in today?

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1. Jokowi asks for land identification in IKN which is still controlled by any company

Jokowi: Jakarta will still be repaired, not abandonedPresident Jokowi when reviewing IKN locations at PPU for the first time since the determination of the new IKN (IDN Times/Yuda Almerio)

Before starting the meeting, Jokowi appointed Bambang Susantono as the Head of the IKN Nusantara Authority. Meanwhile, Dhony Rahajoe was inaugurated as Deputy Head of the IKN Nusantara Authority. Jokowi hopes that Bambang and Dhony can work quickly, especially regarding coordination between institutions.

He also gave directions to the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning, Sofyan Djalil to immediately identify and verify land in the IKN Nusantara area which may still be owned or controlled by any company or community. “We must also ensure that land acquisition in the archipelago’s capital area can only be transferred to agencies that require land for IKN development,” said Jokowi.

The second message conveyed to Sofyan was to stop the issuance and transfer of land rights in the IKN Nusantara area. “Later, I ask the Minister of ATR/Head of BPN to really consolidate this matter, both ownership or use of land in IKN Nusantara,” he said.

The former mayor of Solo also advised to accelerate the release of IKN forest areas. Especially those in the core area of ​​government.

Based on data in the IKN Law number 3 of 2022, the core government area in East Kalimantan has an area of ​​56,180 hectares. However, after being expanded, the land area reached 256,142 hectares.

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2. Jokowi hopes that the derivative regulations from the IKN Law will be completed by March 2022

Jokowi: Jakarta will still be repaired, not abandonedThe final design of the Garuda Palace was presented by an artist from Bali, Nyoman Nuarta in front of President Joko Widodo at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Monday (3/1/2022) (Dok.IDNTimes/Special)

Meanwhile, another important point conveyed by Jokowi was that the derivative regulations of the IKN Law could be completed in March 2022. He also advised that the secretariat for IKN, which serves as a bureaucratic machine that assists the tasks of the authorities, could be completed immediately. The secretariat must be available in Jakarta and in Balikpapan.

“I hope that later the authorities can also recruit deputies from regional people so that community involvement in the regions can really be created and communicate well why there is this relocation (location of the capital city),” said Jokowi.

3. Jokowi believes that the duet of Bambang and Dhony is a good combination to lead the IKN Nusantara authority

Jokowi: Jakarta will still be repaired, not abandonedInauguration of the Head and Deputy Head of the Archipelago Capital Authority (IKN) on Thursday (10/3/2022). (youtube.com/Presidential Secretariat)

At the meeting, Jokowi also explained his reasons for choosing Bambang and Dhony as the Head and Deputy Head of the Authority. Because, both of them deviated from the ideal criteria that had been raised by Jokowi. The former mayor of Solo once said that he hoped the leader of the IKN authority would be a former regional head and an architect.

But, even so, Bambang and Dhony are considered a very good combination choice. Moreover, they are not from a political party.

“Mr. Bambang has a track record as an ITB graduate in the field of civil infrastructure and urban planning. Then, his master’s and doctoral degrees are experienced in transportation-related fields. His last position was related to finance because he held a position as vice president at ADB. So, I think from all sides, this is complete,” said Jokowi.

Meanwhile, Dhony, is considered to complement Bambang’s abilities and experiences. This is because Dhony is a boss at a well-known property company in Indonesia.

“He has experience in the property sector from AZ. So, it will be very easy for both of them to talk to the Minister of Bappenas from the planning side. Meanwhile, when communicating with the Minister of Public Works in the field implementation, there are no problems,” he said.

Jokowi is also optimistic that the Bambang and Dhony duo will not have problems communicating with the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Pandjaitan. Moreover, said Jokowi, there are a number of parties both at home and abroad who claim to be interested in investing in IKN Nusantara.

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