Jessica Iskandar Still Feeling Symptoms of Corona Virus Infection, Can Pregnant Women Get Long Covid-19? – Jessica Iskandar has recovered from the Covid-19 corona virus infection. She and her son, El Barack, were diagnosed in February.

Although she has recovered, Jessica Iskandar admitted that she had long Covid-19 symptoms in her condition, which was still heavily pregnant.

“Even though it’s negative, I still feel the post-covid syndrome. So I still like migraines every day, then I’m still vomiting, the sound is still like this, coughing a little too,” said Jessica Iskandar.

Meanwhile, when infected, Jessica said her condition was severe enough to be hospitalized.

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Researchers have studied the symptoms of long Covid-19 in pregnant women.

Jessica Iskandar (
Jessica Iskandar (

Long Covid-19 is a symptom that Covid-19 survivors continue to feel weeks to months after they recover.

In the Covid-19 study led by UC San Francisco and UCLA, researchers analyzed the clinical course and outcomes of 594 women who tested positive for COVID-19 during pregnancy, according to the University of California San Francisco website.

Researchers found that the most common symptoms for pregnant women were cough, sore throat, body aches, and fever.

Half of the participants were still symptomatic after three weeks of recovery and 25% were still symptomatic after 8 weeks of recovery.

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“Covid-19 symptoms during pregnancy can be long-lasting and have a significant impact on health and well-being,” explains study author Vanessa L.