Jica Indonesia Money Making Application, OJK Registered?

JSMedia – Currently, the existence of applications and games that can make money is the target of active smartphone users. One example that is currently booming is Jica Indonesia, a money-making app.

In the midst of increasing basic needs and lifestyles, it is very natural for people to look for side income. No exception to access applications that can provide additional funds.

What Is Jica Indonesia Money Making App?

Jica Indonesia Money Making Application, OJK Registered?

Slightly different from other money-making applications, Jica Indonesia’s space is more inclined to the financial investment sector. According to several sources, Jica Indonesia Money Making Application is a bilateral institution between Indonesia and Japan that uses the concept of investment.

This institution is tasked with managing financial assistance and loans to various countries. Here, users can earn daily income with very tempting numbers.

Jica claims that he is able to provide higher profits than mutual funds, deposits, and other similar investments. Therefore, its popularity is increasing year by year.

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How to Register for Jica Indonesia Money Making Application

Jica Indonesia Money Making Application, OJK Registered?

This increase becomes two signs, namely between increased investment awareness or simply looking for profit. Whatever the reason and purpose, of course, it can’t be separated from the following account registration method:

1. Run the browser, then enter the official website of Jica Indonesia via the link below

2. Press the Phone option to register using a phone number or Email if you want to register with an email address

3. Enter it in the column provided, then click Send

4. Please enter the verification code on the screen correctly and correctly

5. Enter the password or password, then click the Confirm Registration option

6. Done, now the user already has me at Jica Indonesia

Can Jica Indonesia Make Money in Browsers?

Actually, the Jica Indonesia application is a money-making application that users can access in the website version or through a browser. If this method is still considered difficult, users can download the application.

It’s just that now users wherever they are, can’t find it in the Google Play Store. Users can install it only through the link in the Google search field or the official website.

Download Jica Indonesia Money Maker

However, don’t just click on the link, because it could contain viruses or malware. As a solution, please just press the link in the table in the following way:

App NameJica Indonesia Money Maker
Android RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and Up
VersionNew version
File Size6.7 MB
DeveloperIndonesian Jica

Download Jica Indonesia Money Making App

How to Earn Money on the Jica Indonesia App

To earn money in the Jica application, users must complete missions first. Fear not, as these missions tend to be easy, so there’s no reason not to get them.

Examples of these missions are as follows:

  • daily login
  • share to various social media
  • invite friends
  • and others.

Interested in earning even more?

  • Users can invest with a minimum of 110 thousand and a maximum limit of 100 million rupiah.
  • The larger the investment amount invested, the higher the income will be.

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Is Jica Indonesia Registered with OJK?

Jica Indonesia Money Making Application, OJK Registered?

From various sources and reviews, the description of Jica Indonesia, a money-making application, is actually less clear and not transparent. According to one source, Jica has not yet obtained a permit from the relevant agency and is not registered with the OJK.

Not only in Indonesia, even Japan itself has not recognized it. Even so, every month it is said that Jica will provide more profit than the word decent.

As of this writing, there has been no review that says that Jica Indonesia is safe and proven to pay user benefits. Therefore, consider dozens of times before investing in Jica Indonesia.

Because, in their daily life, the Jica Indonesia site, this money-making application, applies a ponzi scheme. If you are not observant and careful, the user will actually lose. Have fun, but don’t be careless!