Join Drug Cartel, Chihuahua Police Sentenced to Life

Jakarta, IDN Times – A former police officer in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua named Arturo Shows Urquidi was officially sentenced to prison on Thursday (3/2/2022). The reason is that the 50-year-old former police officer is involved in drug smuggling cases to the US and is a member of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The Texas Department of Law released, Arturo Shows Urquidi was arrested and extradited to the United States in mid-2018. In fact, he is named as one of the most wanted fugitives by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) because he managed to escape for years.

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1. Sentenced to life imprisonment in Texas, USA

Arturo Shows Urquidi or who is often called Chous has officially received a life sentence from the West Texas District Court. Chous’ trial is known to have started last September.

Reported Border Reports, Urquidi has been charged with five charges, namely working for a criminal organization, smuggling drugs, being involved in the export and import of drugs, laundering money, and being suspected of smuggling weapons to criminal organizations.

Urquidi is known as one of the leaders of the corrupt police officers in Ciudad Juarez who actually conspired with drug cartels. In fact, Urquidi is suspected of being a member of the Sinaloa Cartel under the leadership of El Mayo Zambada.

According to the Texas Attorney General, Ashley C. Hoff, the investigation and prosecution of transnational criminal organizations is a top priority for the West Texas District Attorney General.

“This sentence is a significant step towards detaining the Sinaloa Cartel frontman for years of criminal activity. This sentencing demonstrates that strong cooperation between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies can counter the illegal activities of criminal organizations,” Hoff said.

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2. Urquidi is assigned to maintain the security of the cocaine warehouse in Ciudad Juarez

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Urquidi has been known as a part of the Sinaloa Cartel since the outbreak of the cartel war in Ciudad Juarez more than a decade ago. He is best known as a former Chihuahua state police officer who was the main character in the Garduño cell allegedly led by Sergio Garduño Escobedo.

However, Garduño is known to have been tasked with overseeing a warehouse in Ciudad Juarez that was used to store cocaine before it was smuggled into the US. Meanwhile, Shows Urquidi helps maintain security at a warehouse that is also used to store US drug money and firearms.

The Texas Prosecutor’s Office also revealed that the cocaine package that came from Garduño’s cell bore the Memin Penguin logo, a Mexican cartoon character with black children who is often criticized for racial stereotypes. El Paso Times.

Besides Shows Urquidi, the judge also charged Mario Iglesias-Villegas, a former cartel assassin from Villa Ahumada, Chihuahua. He is suspected of having committed various acts of murder, kidnapping abroad.

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3. Engage in the war between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Juarez . Cartel

Arturo Shows Urquidi is said to be working for the Sinaloa Cartel which has entered the Ciudad Juarez area to smuggle drugs into El Paso, Texas. As a result, the Sinaloa Cartel had to engage in war with the Juarez Cartel in the 2010s which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people in Ciudad Juarez and the state of Durango.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Urquidi who is suspected of being involved in the activities of the Sinaloa Cartel also resulted in the arrest of Mario Iglesias-Villegas in 2012. Both Urquidi and Iglesias-Villegas were found guilty in October 2021 of involvement in a criminal organization, it was reported Daily Mail.

Iglesias-Villegas or known by the pseudonyms ‘Delta’, ‘Grim Reaper’, ‘El Dos’ was reportedly involved in the kidnapping of three people on May 7, 2010 and then at a wedding in Ciudad Juarez. He is known to play the role of the driver of the vehicle used to kidnap.

The kidnap victims were the groom from Columbus, New Mexico, his brother and uncle. The three were interrogated and later killed and the victim’s body was found a few days later in a pickup in Ciudad Juarez.

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