Just Tighten Prokes Is Not Enough, Come On! Prevent dengue fever during MotoGP 2022

Suara.com – The Mandalika 2022 international event is officially held. All preparations from infrastructure, security, and the implementation of health protocols (Prokes) have also been carried out by the Government of Indonesia. This is to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

However, the public must also be aware of the threat of other diseases such as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). Moreover, entering the transition season or transition like now.

Based on a vector survey conducted by the Central Lombok District Health Office and the Mataram KKP some time ago, it was found that there were quite a lot of puddles of water due to the rain that occurred. The puddle was observed and found mosquito larvae. The results of the identification of larvae / larvae are known to be anopheles and culex larvae.

Departing from this, Enesis Group was compelled to provide a healthy kit containing Antis Hand Sanitizer, vitamin Amunizer, Plossa aromatherapy oil and Soffell Anti Mosquito to 300 tourism residential facilities (sarhunta) in Kuta Village, Mandalika. This is to make this prestigious event a success.

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Socialization of Enesis Group's support in Mandalika.  (Doc: Enesis Group)
Socialization of Enesis Group’s support in Mandalika. (Doc: Enesis Group)

Elkana Lewerisa, Chairperson of the Enesis Indonesia Foundation, said that his party is committed to synergizing with the Government regarding public health.

“As a form of support for housing that meets the standards of cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability (CHSE) determined by the Ministry of Tourism, we provide a healthy kit which can later become one of the facilities that make tourists feel comfortable when staying at this residence. Our healthy kit contains products that can be a one stop solution for health,” said Elkana.

This commitment was not only carried out during the 2022 MotoGP, but had been carried out long ago through a free vaccination program some time ago.

Booth Soffel in Mandalika.  (Doc: Enesis Group)
Booth Soffel in Mandalika. (Doc: Enesis Group)

On the same occasion, the Soffell team also demonstrated an effective mosquito test, as an education to prevent dengue hemorrhagic fever through 3M Plus, Closing, Draining, Recycling and Using mosquito repellent. As can be seen, the hands that have been smeared with Soffell are not bitten by mosquitoes, while the hands that have not been smeared become the targets of mosquito bites.

In addition to Sarhunta, Soffell is also served at several restaurants in Mandalika, the airport area, and in Senggigi. Tourists are also encouraged to always use Soffell either before leaving to watch MotoGP or returning to the inn after watching MotoGP to avoid mosquito bites.

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Enesis Group’s support was also appreciated by the Deputy Investment Officer of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) RI Oni Olfian. According to him, Enesis Group deserves the highest award.