Just want to start exercising to keep your body in shape? Read the following sports doctor’s advice first

Suara.com – Not only for fitness reasons, exercising is also good for maintaining one’s body health. Said by Good Doctor Sports Medicine Specialist, dr. Alvin Wiharja, SpKO, people who rarely exercise will have a rapidly declining physical condition.

“Regular exercise will make us healthy and fit so that after a day of activities, we can still do physical activities or things that require energy can still be done well,” said Dr. Alvin, quoted from a press release, Friday (4/3/). 2022).

In contrast to people who do not exercise, continued dr. Alvin, they generally have a physical capacity that will decline over time.

“They stay healthy but not fit so after doing activities all day, 8 to 10 hours, they can no longer do anything,” said dr. Alvin further.

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“If you don’t exercise regularly, your stamina, endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance and even flexibility will decrease, making you more susceptible to injury,” he adds.

Then what kind of physical exercise should people do?

As a sports doctor, Alvin strongly recommends 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical exercise per week for cardio endurance training.

Types of physical exercise that can be done include running, swimming, and cycling as well as two muscle strength training sessions per week.

“Make sure you don’t exercise too hard to avoid excessive fatigue which can cause your immune system to decrease. However, if the intensity of the exercise is increased, it will lower the body’s immunity thereby increasing the risk of infection,” he added.

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To measure the intensity level of the exercise performed, dr. Alvin shares an easy trick using the talk test method.

“If we can still speak fluently while exercising, it means that the intensity is low. It is difficult or stammering to speak while exercising, which means the intensity is moderate. When we exercise, we can no longer speak, meaning the intensity is high,” concluded dr. Alvin.