JYP Entertainment’s 6 Visual Girl Groups

One of South Korea’s largest agencies that has successfully presented idol KPop with talent and stunning visuals is JYP Entertainment. They have overshadowed many K-Pop groups for more than 24 years.

No wonder, this agency has experience presenting idol which is able to hypnotize fans, especially in the row girl group which he shelters. The group is known to have visuals that make the public smitten. Well, here are the six main visuals of JYP Entertainment that grabbed the most attention!

1. Ahn So Hee Wonder Girls

6 JYP Entertainment Girl Group Visuals, Make A Million People Charmed!Ahn So Hee (instagram.com/ssoheean)

Even though the Wonder Girls have disbanded and the members decided to pursue solo careers, this group is still considered successful in making K-Pop history with their achievements. Not only from talent, this group also became the center of attention because play visual-her charming character, namely Ahn So Hee.

During her time as a member of Wonder Girls, Ahn So Hee managed to steal the attention with her sweet face and innocent. In a number of songs, his trademark is combined with a sexy concept that is sure to make a million people fall in love.

2. Bae Suzy Miss A

6 JYP Entertainment Girl Group Visuals, Make A Million People Charmed!Suzy (instagram.com/skuukzky)

It’s no secret that Suzy is the visual queen in the Korean music industry, even today. Her sweet face and matched with all concepts made Suzy get a lot of love from her fans.

Suzy’s personality which is always straightforward and looks friendly to everyone also makes her name shine even more. So it’s not surprising that he got the nickname Nation’s First Love or ‘The First Love of the Korean Nation’ which is still attached to this day.

3. TWICE’s Tzuyu

6 JYP Entertainment Girl Group Visuals, Make A Million People Charmed!Tzuyu Twice (instagram.com/twicetagram)

In contrast to Suzy who looks cheerful and cheerful, Tzuyu is the main visual representative of TWICE at JYP Entertainment who won the hearts of fans with her shy attitude. Despite being thrifty in speaking, Tzuyu still managed to captivate fans’ hearts with her charming visuals.

He is also known as one of the TWICE members who are known to be kind and soft-hearted. No wonder he gets a lot of fans from various circles.

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4. Yuna ITZY

6 JYP Entertainment Girl Group Visuals, Make A Million People Charmed!Yuna ITZY (instagram.com/itzy.all.in.us)

Yuna, of course, is already known by millions of people as the fourth generation of the most attention-grabbing K-pop visuals. Her natural charm has successfully won a lot of praise from K-Pop fans.

Not only that, Yuna also has a cheerful and friendly personality. So it always shines wherever it is. Yuna has always succeeded in getting a lot of love with all the sweet qualities that always make fans excited.

5. Ayaka NiziU

6 JYP Entertainment Girl Group Visuals, Make A Million People Charmed!Ayaka NiziU (instagram.com/niziu_artist_official)

Ayaka is a NiziU visual who captivates fans with her beautiful looks and athletic body. Often referred to as similar to Suzy, Ayaka actually has her own charm that makes anyone fall in love when they get to know her.

He is known as the most persistent and optimistic NiziU member. This positive attitude has successfully transmitted to fans and made him even more loved. Amazingly, Ayaka is also good at sports, you know. One of them is tennis.

6. Sullyoon MNIXX

6 JYP Entertainment Girl Group Visuals, Make A Million People Charmed!Sullyoon NMIXX (instagram.com/nmixx_official)

Sullyoon became maknae among other JYP Entertainment visuals. Even so, its popularity is not playing. Currently, many K-Pop fans are praising the visual which is like a doll. He is even predicted to be one of the best visuals of the fourth generation.

Have beautiful visuals with their own distinctive characters, rows idol the above does make us even more crazy about them, yes. Do you have an idol?

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