Kartini Beach Jepara, Location, HTM + Facilities

The Charm of Kartini Beach Jepara
jepara kartini beach guys
What are the activities? take a photo, see a very beautiful sea view, play at the turtle ocean park
Opening hours 08.00–18.00
Ticket price Rp. 5,000
Lodging Kotabaru homestay
Address Bulu, District. Jepara, Jepara Regency, Central Java 59418
Map Location of Kartini Beach JeparaClick

Kartini beach is very popular for local tourists from Jepara. The reason is that besides having white sand that is very white, it is also interesting to visit as one of the ship’s docks. Boats from or to Karimunjava will stop at any time at the Kartini Beach pier, so this place is never empty. In addition, the beach view is very beautiful and interesting. If you want to visit this beach, you will also find a popular tourist spot, namely turtle ocean park.

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