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Jakarta vs Everybody

The film Jakarta vs Everybody has been a hot topic of discussion on social media since its online release. According to many, this film was critical and had an unusual plot.

For those of you who want to watch the movie Jakarta vs Everybody but don’t know where to watch it, see the explanation about the movie Jakarta vs Everybody below.

Synopsis Jakarta vs Everybody

Jakarta vs Everybody tells the story of Dom’s life who is looking for his identity and dreams of becoming an actor in Jakarta.

Turns out, reality is not like a dream. Dom was cast dozens of times and not a single one passed. In fact, he had experienced abuse that made him have to bury his dreams deep.

The harsh life of Jakarta makes Dom have to be willing to do anything in order to survive. It was then that he met a pair of lovers named Pinkan and Radit.

Pinkan and Radit offer a job for Dom which is very dangerous, which is to be a drug courier. Instead of getting better, Dom’s life got even worse.

He also wanted to get out of the way of his current life. Will Dom be able to successfully leave this job?

Jakarta vs Everybody . Movie Player

The film Jakarta vs Everybody stars many well-known actors such as Jefri Nichol as Dom, Wulan Guritno as Pinkan, Ganindra Bimo as Radit and Dea Panendra as Khansa.

The storyline, which is also not boring, is guaranteed to make you feel the hard and difficult life of Dom in Jakarta.

Where Can You Watch Jakarta vs Everybody?

Jakarta vs Everybody, produced by Pratama Pradana Picture, can be watched through the official platform in online cinemas.

Actually, the film Jakarta vs Everybody had already been shown several times in 2021, but was re-aired through online cinemas so you can watch it at home.

Please click the link below to connect to the Jakarta vs Everybody ticket booking website at online cinemas.

Link Watch the Movie Jakarta vs Everybody Online Cinema

How to Buy Jakarta vs Everybody Tickets at Online Cinemas

If you are going to use the Online Cinema service for the first time, you may be confused about how to buy tickets. You can buy cinema tickets online through the app.

First, download the application and create an account first. After that, click on the link to watch Jakarta vs Everybody in the online cinema that was previously shared.

You will be asked to fill in your personal data and make a payment. If so, the online cinema will check your transaction. Finally, you will get information that you can watch the movie Jakarta vs Everybody.

Download Film Jakarta vs Everybody

For now, there is still no link to download the movie Jakarta vs Everybody. You have to buy the ticket and stream the movie Jakarta vs Everybody in online cinemas.

You don’t need to hesitate to watch it, because this film has a unique storyline and is definitely suitable for you to enjoy.

The rating for the film Jakarta vs Everybody is 18+, so make sure you don’t watch it with your younger siblings or people.

That’s it at a glance information related to Jakarta vs Everybody and where you can watch it. You are not advised to watch pirated movies because cheap and legal streaming links are available.

Continue to support the Indonesian film industry by watching via legal links. Hopefully this information is useful for you.