Keep Your Teeth Healthy and White, Try This Fruit Consumption Every Day! – Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and having regular checkups can help keep your teeth healthy. This method can also help remove tooth stains.

But, you need to know that there are some foods that can damage teeth. The NHS explains that diet, smoking and drinking alcohol can also affect dental health.

The Oral Health Foundation says it takes the mouth 1 hour to get rid of the acid caused by eating and drinking sugar. This acid also attacks the teeth.

“Therefore, it is important to limit exposure to these acids by consuming sugary foods and drinks only at mealtimes,” the Oral Health Foundation said. Express.

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The American Dental Association (ADA) says your mouth, teeth and gums are not just for chewing and swallowing food before it enters the digestive system.

pineapple fruit illustration (Unplash)
pineapple fruit illustration (Unplash)

“The mouth is your body’s initial point of contact with the nutrients you ingest. So, what kind of food you eat has an impact not only on your general health, but also on your teeth and gums.

If you have poor nutrition, the effects will be visible in your mouth, one of which is stains on your teeth. But, Long Grove Dental Studio says there are fruits that can help remove stains on teeth.

“Pineapple contains bromelain as an anti-inflammatory agent and natural cleanser can help remove stains on teeth,” says Long Grove Dental Studio.

Recent research by the International Journal of Dental Hygiene found that this ingredient can remove stains safely and effectively.

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A study aimed at varying changes in human enamel bleached with three different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, i.e. containing the extract as an additive in two times and using a reflectance spectrophotometer.

They found that adding pineapple extract to hydrogen peroxide resulted in effective whitening.

They also advise everyone to limit their intake of food and drink between meals.

“Unfortunately, most people actually have to eat candy, chips or other snacks which can damage teeth,” he explained.

If you really want to snack, it’s better to choose nutritious foods, such as cheese, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, or nuts.