Kingdom Hearts 3 Review: A Untidy Fun Story

Finally, the long wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 which was always pushed back has ended. Kingdom Hearts as we know before, is one of Square’s masterpieces. This game is also arguably one of the most iconic games in the history of gaming. Square tries to combine the world of Disney with the world of Final Fantasy wrapped in an action RPG style. In this game, Final Fantasy fans can hear the voices of previously mute Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud Strife and Squall Leonheart.

The third Kingdom Hearts comes after Square Enix released several games such as Kingdom Hearts 2.8. This is what makes many fans a bit confused with this one franchise. After being absent on PS3, Square Enix released this one game for PS4 some time ago. Have you played Kingdom Hearts 3 yet? If not, you can follow this article to the end to find out some interesting aspects of this third series of action RPG games from Square Enix. Read: Best PS4 Games 2019.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Plot of Kingdom Hearts Series: Dream Drop Distance

One of the main attractions of Kingdom Hearts is the plot of the story. Not only did they just want to collaborate on Final Fantasy with Disney, Square Enix designed the Kingdom Hearts story with great depth. Likewise Kingdom Hearts 3. The third series of Kingdom Hearts is a collection of core stories that occurred in the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance series which was released on the Nintendo 3DS. In this series, Sora will face Xehanort, whose goal is to master the contents of a mysterious thing, Kingdom Hearts, by traveling through time to collect 13 dark figures.

Kingdom Hearts 3

In this third series, you will also find the antagonist characters in the first Kingdom Hearts, Maleficent and Pete who also participate in a mysterious black box quest. In this adventure, Sora is still accompanied by his two friends from the previous series, Donald and Goofy. Sora didn’t pass the Keyblade Master exam because he lost his powers due to falling into darkness. Sora finally asked his two friends to accompany him to get his strength back.

Meanwhile, the conflict between the 7 lights against the 13 darkness continues. The Keyblade Weilders are looking for Aqua, Ventus, and Terra to complete the number 7. In addition, Rikku and Mickey go on an adventure together to find Aqua. This third Kingdom Hearts not only presents a story of a battle between 7 Lights and 13 Darkness, but also an exciting story followed with full of emotion. That’s the outline of the plot that the third series of Kingdom Hearts wants to show.

More Slick Graphics, Maintaining Fun Gameplay

For gameplay, Kingdom Hearts 3 sticks to the gameplay mechanics of its predecessor series. This is the hallmark of the Kingdom Hearts series. However, in this third series, you will not find characters from Final Fantasy anymore. Instead, Square Enix provides a bigger Disney world and an engaging story.

Kingdom Hearts 3

You’ll discover Disney worlds and characters like never before in the Kingdom Hearts series. You will find several characters in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, Tangled, and also Frozen. Because of this denser world, one thing that is unfortunate about this third series is the story that is less tidy. Meanwhile, in terms of graphics, Unreal Engine 4 helps support the overall graphics presented by Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix with the help of the Unreal Engine is very successful in executing the world of the third series of Kingdom Hearts well. The Disney characters in this game are very similar to the original. In addition, you will find lots of new mini games that are fun to play.

Kingdom Hearts 3

In this third series, Sora is able to use 3 Keyblades at once. Like the Final Fantasy XV game where you can “switch” weapons during battle, this third series of Kingdom Hearts allows you to do the same thing. Each Keyblade used has a different type of attack. The summon system is still the mainstay of this game. Because it comes with much more detailed graphics, you will find various effects that are more magnificent and also new summons.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Not only that, this game also provides a dense and lively world. For example, we will find a world that is very colorful and also alive in the combined world of Tokyo and Francisco, Franskoyo in the world of Big Hero 6.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Conclusion It’s Worth Trying

Even though it comes with an untidy story, it doesn’t mean that Kingdom Hearts 3 has a story that isn’t fun to follow. Moreover, with much better graphics, this game should be the choice of gamers who want a game with an in-depth story. For us, the appearance of this third sequel is enough to give satisfaction for years of waiting