Klayar Beach Pacitan, Location Route and Entrance Ticket Prices

Klayar Beach is a top destination in Pacitan. This beach is not only beautiful, but also has many stories for every tourist. One of the musicians who captured the moment at Klayar beach was Didi Kempot.

Opening hours:24 hours
Ticket price:Rp. 10,000/person
Address: Kalak, Sendang, Donorojo, Sendang, Donorojo, Pacitan Regency, East Java 63554, Indonesia
Public facilities:Mosque, Gazebo, Spacious Parking Area, Lodging Etc
Access Road:Well
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Klayar Beach

If in Yogyakarta there is a classic beach called Parangtritis, as well as Baron, Krakal, and Kukup. Well, Pacitan doesn’t want to be outdone because it has a classic beach which has always had a name and is now getting more and more popular among the public.

The area is Klayar beach. Where, the name of this tourist attraction was once used as the title of a song by a famous campursari maestro, namely Didi Kempot. Curious about this place? Let’s see the following exploration,

Klayar Beach

This is the area that always brings longing from East Java. Comes with a variety of elegant corals. There are cliffs that can be used by travel buddies to enjoy this area more privately.

However, travel buddies must be careful if you want to go to this cliff and enjoy the coral with a wide and wide view. Enjoying the gusts of wind that will never stop makes it very difficult for travel buddies to move on.

This cliff area is quite wide, so travel buddies can rest and enjoy the photo spots that are already available. On the coast there are also several stalls that provide a variety of food menus.

There are also beautiful souvenirs and clothes that say klayar beach. Can be used as a gift for those at home. The price starts from 50 thousand rupiah only. With qualified quality and does not disappoint.

The beach sand is brownish and mixed with white. making travel buddies able to enjoy it by sitting around this color gradation is very interesting when viewed from the top of the cliff. or walk down every corner.

The name of klayar itself is taken from the Javanese language, namely kluyar-kluyur which means traveling. Like some beaches in Pacitan, this area also has a uniqueness and icon that will never be forgotten.

On the beach there is a rock that can be said to be very perfect. It is said that the story, this coral is the result of the battle of supernatural beings that often occurs. Interestingly, the rocks in the middle are connected to the corals on the beach.

Currently, travel buddies can climb and enjoy the view from these rocks. not only on the edge, but also in the middle, this is the new selfie spot that is always a favorite and dream place for anyone who comes.

The next icon is the ocean flute. The name of this flute is a natural occurrence that is always eagerly awaited by all visitors who come. Ocean flute is a pseudonym given to a rock hole behind a cliff.

This happens, when the gusts of wind that unite with sea water penetrate the hole in the rock. In addition to the sound of a flute, you can also enjoy a natural fountain.

Where, this fountain occurs from the brunt of very high waves. Penetrating the coral so, the water flows between the curves of this rock. This moment is also awaited by travel buddies while visiting Klayar beach.

The next icon is the sphinx stone. These rocks can be seen deeper, it is similar to the statue of a lion with a human head in Egypt. However, local people refer to this phenomenon as the name of the stone barn.

Here too there is a well that can be used for treatment and swimming which is said to be believed by residents to be able to bring blessings to those who bathe in this area.

Enjoying this place is not satisfied if you don’t enjoy the night. So, travel buddies are obliged to stay in the camping area that has been provided and is located not far from the beach area.

The charm of the night is so beautiful that many visitors come to stay. Especially when it comes to weekends or holidays. This place will be flooded with a sea of ​​people.

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Klayar Beach is located in Kalak Hamlet, Sendang Village, Donorojo District, Pacitan Regency, East Java. Getting to this place is quite easy when using a private vehicle. Unfortunately, this area is not very friendly with public transportation.

Travel buddies can follow the bus route for solo – pacitan. Then turn left at the T-junction. Then, turn right after arriving at the temple junction. Just follow this road until you find another T-junction, until you arrive at this location.

For those who depart from Yogyakarta, travel buddies can pass through Wonosari, Pracimantoro until they arrive in the Pacitan area. Along the road from pramcimantoro to pacitan. Buddy travel will find a lot of signage that is already available.

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Price of admission

Travel buddies can enjoy all the beauty above, by paying the ticket price of 5 thousand rupiah. However, during holidays and weekends, Klayar Beach will only increase in price by 10 thousand rupiah.

For the price of parking, you will be charged a fee of 5 thousand rupiah for those who use a car. For those who use motorized vehicles, travel buddies are required to pay 2 thousand rupiah. cheap isn’t it?

Klayar Beach Photo Gallery

Klayar Beach
Klayar Beach
Klayar Beach
Klayar Beach
Klayar Beach

Klayar Beach is a place that should not be missed when visiting pacitan. The most delicious place for rest and relaxation from the fatigue of the road. So, when passing here, there is no harm in stopping for a moment.