Know 5 Unique Terms Often Used by FPS Gamers

FPS (First-Person Shooter) games are a very competitive game genre. All players are required to be good at shooting while providing short, concise, and clear information.

So that the communication that runs is always effective at all times, everyone player must have general knowledge of what vocabulary is often used when playing the game. Here are the terms that you can use when playing FPS games.

1. Eco

Eco is a condition where a team can only afford cheap weapons in order to save their money so they can buy better weapons in the next round. Apart from saving, Eco also usually used by players to steal weapons from enemies they have killed. Eco usually done when the team has lost consecutive rounds.

Weapons eco which is usually used by various players. There are those who prefer to use a gun, SMG, and Shotgun. Usually, these weapon categories can make players get more money if they succeed kill enemy.

2. Dinked

Know 5 Unique Terms Often Used by FPS Gamersillustration of getting dinked (Dock Valve/Counter-Strike Global Offensive)

Dinked is a term you can use when the enemy is hit headshot, but didn’t die right away. Usually this happens because the enemy is wearing a helmet or taking cover behind a certain object.

If your comrade says that one enemy is hit dinked, then you have received information that the enemy is dying. You can decide whether you want to finish him off immediately or not.

3. Trade kill

Trade Kill is a term used to barter kill. If the enemy manages to kill your partner, then you must kill him again.

If you watch the match pro playeryou will notice that trade kill is a very important concept for all players to master. Trade kill can keep the number of players in balance throughout the round.

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4. Jump boost

Have you ever been asked by your partner to lift his body so he can see in a certain position? The action your partner wants to take is called jump boost.

Jump boost done in a very simple way. The first person must squat, while the second person just simply jumps over his head. One moment jump boost world famous e-sports is the moment jump boost what a Fnatic CS:GO team player named Olofmeister did in 2015, to be precise at the Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca tournament.

5. Clutch

Clutch is a designation aimed at players who managed to win in an impossible round. Usually the condition in clutch is losing the number of players in a team while a round is in progress. Clutch can occur in one-on-two, one-on-three, one-on-one scenarios, etc

In situation clutchplayers don’t always have to get kill to lock the round. He can also use other means to win the round, such as stealing bombs. One round clutch which is iconic in the world of FPS games is clutch what Xyp9x, an Astralis player, did when facing the North team.

6. Aim punch

Have you ever experienced an effect in the form of camera shake when someone is being shot? If so, then you get hit by a shot effect called aim punch.

Aim punch occurs when the person does not use armor when shot by the enemy. If affected by this effect, the player will have a little difficulty shooting back and he will die faster than using armor.

All terms in FPS games are important for you to memorize. However, you need to know that the terms in FPS games are not limited to list above only. There are many more terms that you need to memorize, so that skills your communication in FPS games is getting better from time to time.

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