Know Normal Body Temperature Based on Age and What Factors Affect It – Normal body temperature varies depending on many factors, including a person’s age and activity level. The average adult body temperature is about 98.6°F (37°C). However, everyone’s basic body temperature can be slightly different.

In this article, we will discuss the normal body temperature range for adults, children, and those who are pregnant. In addition, it will also discuss the factors that affect body temperature and when it is called a fever, as reported by Medical News Today, Monday (1/3/2022).

Factors that affect body temperature

Body temperature readings may vary depending on the following factors:

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  • someone’s age
  • time of day, usually lowest in the morning and highest in the afternoon
  • someone’s recent activity
  • food and fluid intake

Normal body temperature in adults

The average adult body temperature is 97.86°F (36.59°C). The researchers also found that the average body temperature of adults who were taken orally fell between 97.2–98.6°F (36.24–37°C).

Illustration of a firing thermometer.  (Pixabay)
Illustration of a firing thermometer. (Pixabay)

Researchers have also found that certain medical conditions can affect a person’s body temperature. For example, people who have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) tend to have a lower body temperature, while people with cancer tend to have a higher body temperature.

Usually, the temperature of a person with a fever in adults is as follows:

  • 38°C is a fever
  • above 39.5°C is high fever
  • above 41°C is a very high fever

Normal body temperature in children

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The average body temperature for children is around 97.52°F (36.4°C) , but this can vary. A temperature above 100.4°F (38°C) in a child may indicate a fever.

Normal body temperature in babies

Babies tend to have higher body temperatures than older children and adults. The average body temperature for a newborn is about 99.5°F (37.5°C).

Normal body temperature during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a person’s basal metabolic rate is higher. This means the body produces more heat.

One study found that body temperature peaks at 96–99.5°F (35.6–37.5°C) around week 12 of pregnancy. Average body temperature hits a low of about 95.5–99.1°F (35.3–37.3°C) just after week 33.

This is information about normal body temperature based on age and the factors that affect body temperature. I hope this information is helpful!