Know the Dangers of Anemia in Hemodialysis Patients – Anemia or lack of blood problems can be a scourge for patients with kidney failure. This was said by Prof. dr. Rully MA Roesli, PhD, SpPD-KGH.

Speaking at an event to commemorate World Kidney Day which falls on March 10, 2022, Professor Rully said that the condition of anemia in patients with kidney failure must be treated immediately.

“This is because most of the deaths in hemodialysis patients in Indonesia are caused by cardiovascular disease or 42 percent. If hemodialysis patients have cardiovascular disease, the kidneys become weak, the heart becomes weak,” said Professor Rully, Sunday (27/2/2022) yesterday.

Therefore, he continued, the problem of anemia in patients with kidney failure should be treated by giving EPO therapy. Epo therapy or Endogenous Erythropoietin is a hormone therapy that functions to regulate the production of red blood cells.

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“Epo therapy is carried out with indications of Hb

Epo injection itself must be done regularly. It’s just that the problem is, in Indonesia, the provision of the hormone erythropetin has not been included in the hemodialysis financing so that the provision of blood transfusions is still quite a lot done.

In fact, it can be said, blood transfusion has many risks when performed on dialysis patients.

Meanwhile, EPO therapy is claimed to be safer because it can produce a continuous increase in Hb, produce red blood cells that function normally and can improve quality of life by maintaining a higher Hb target.

Chairman of the Indonesian Dialysis Patient Community (KPCDI) Tony Richard Samosir said his party wanted to encourage increased knowledge of dialysis patients so that they could choose the right therapy for themselves.

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“As we all know anemia is a problem for dialysis patients, where one of the therapies that can be done is EPO injection or another alternative is to do blood transfusions,”