KPK Ultimatum Bangka Belitung Regional Government No Corruption

Jakarta, IDN Times – Deputy Chairperson of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Nurul Ghufron gave an ultimatum to regional heads throughout the Bangka Belitung Islands Province to realize a just, prosperous, and corruption-free Babel Raya government. For this reason, the KPK and the Bangka Belitung Regional Government coordinate with each other

“The purpose of this coordination is so that we share the same vision, namely Babylon Raya. The second is to understand the position and be consistent with each other’s position, and the third is to strengthen each other,” said Ghufron in a written statement quoted on Wednesday (9/3/2022).

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1. KPK asks the Babel Government to avoid corruption

KPK Ultimatum Bangka Belitung Regional Government No CorruptionDeputy Chairperson of the KPK Nurul Ghufron (Doc. Public Relations of the KPK)

Ghufron reminded the types of corruption and the dangers of corruption that every regional head, law enforcement officer and other state officials must avoid in carrying out good governance and providing public services for the community. He requested that the supervisory function by the government’s internal supervisory apparatus (APIP) be strengthened as a control function.

“APIP is the brakes for Mr (and) Ms, who will warn of the potential and risks of corruption,” he said.

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2. There are three areas in Babylon with above average MCP

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KPK Ultimatum Bangka Belitung Regional Government No CorruptionCoordination meeting of the Babylonian government and the KPK (Dok. Public Relations of the KPK)

On this occasion, the KPK appreciated the three local governments that received the highest Monitoring Center for Prevention (MCP) score in Babylon, namely the Central Bangka Regency Government (76.2 percent), Bangka Regency Government (75.9 percent), and the Kep Provincial Government. Babylon (72.6 percent). When the region scored above the average local government score in Babel, which was 61 percent.

Ghufron said that the MCP score illustrates the commitment and seriousness of the local government to take preventive measures. However, local governments should not stop at just achieving scores. According to him, the MCP scores are administrative figures which are the efforts of the local government. It is the task of the local government to manage the budget and spend it transparently and accountably.

“And ensure that every rupiah collected from the people is managed and used for the benefit of the people,” said Ghufron.

3. The Deputy Governor of Babel hopes that KPK assistance will continue to be carried out

KPK Ultimatum Bangka Belitung Regional Government No CorruptionDeputy Governor of Babylon Abdul Fatah (Doc. Public Relations of the KPK)

Deputy Governor of Babel Abdul Fatah asked the KPK to continue to provide assistance to improve governance and asked his staff to improve achievements according to the KPK evaluation. So that Babylon can be free from corruption

“Hopefully, in this coordination meeting, there are incentives that must be further refined in the future in addressing the eight areas of intervention for improving local government governance from the KPK,” he hoped.

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