Kulon Progo Kedung Pedut Waterfall, Entrance Ticket and Loaksi

Looking for waterfall attractions in Jogja that are easy to reach? Just go to Kedung Pedut Waterfall. In addition to the many swimming locations, tourists can also try the flying fox which is one of the popular icons in this tourist spot.

Opening hours:07.00-17.00 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 5,000/person
Address:Banyunganti, Jatimulyo, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55674
Public facilities:Mosque, Gazebo, Warung, and Flying fox.
Access Road:Well
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Kedung Pedut Waterfall
Photo (c) @sendohjogja

The holidays have arrived, it’s time to look for destinations to dolan to various tourist attractions take advantage of holiday time so as not to be wasted. One option that can be chosen is Yogyakarta, this place has millions of endless charms.

Kulon Progo is an area that comes with various kinds of tomorrow’s tourism. However, this area is too far from Yogyakarta. Although far away, Kulon Progo has a variety of interesting panoramas lined between the Menoreh hills.

The attractions are Kedung Pedut Waterfall. Curious about this place. Let’s continue our exploration of Kedung Pedut below,

Kedung Pedut Waterfall

Visiting this area is like a dream because, this place is like a painting. The view of the clear blue water comes from Mount Kelir. Where, this place is a limestone mountain located in the Kulo Progo area and also Purworejo, Central Java.

This mainstay tourist attraction for Kulon Progo residents has just been opened on February 15, 2015. For residents around Kedung Pedut, this place is also called a natural waterpark. Because, there is a natural swimming pool that can be enjoyed.

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Well, the source of this naturally formed swimming pool comes from the swift waterfall of Kedung Pedut. One of the attractions of this area is the presence of various kinds of charming water pools.

Well, this pool has various colors such as turquoise green and also the color of the water is so clear. Well, enjoying this area can be seen from above the viewing post. The charm of blue and karst rocks will feel captivating in the heart.

To add to the beauty of this area. management, adding bridge facilities. Well, this bridge is made of solid wood. Usually here, travel buddies also use it for selfies and just photos.

Then, there are also chairs for travel buddies who are tired and want to rest. as well as various photogenic showers made of bamboo. This nuance is like in the countryside with very beautiful views.

Being here does take quite a long time. Because, swimming in this natural pool is very fun. There is nothing that can beat the freshness of the water. So, many travel buddies are willing to linger.

Under the splash of water from the kedung pedut there is a hollow that has a depth around the chest of an adult. Not infrequently many travel buddies take advantage of this basin to swim or jump from the top of a cliff. Interesting isn’t it?

However, many residents do not recommend playing here. because, this area is quite dangerous and sudden overflow of water can occur. So, it’s better to just take selfies in this area and be safe.

This place has 5 springs, namely Kedung Anyes, Kedung Lanang, Kedung Wedok, Kedung Merak, and Kedung Merang. Where, the five kedung or springs have different depths. Starting from 2 meters to 5 meters.

Well, according to research conducted by researchers where, the turquoise green here is a reflection of the scorching sun. This sun hits the rocks from the incised mountains

Well, the main source of this waterfall is the Mudal River which is not far from Kedung Pedut. Mudal river water is also the main water source for several waterfalls in the Menoreh hills area. Don’t forget user reviews

LocationKedung Pedut Waterfall

The location of the Kedung Pedut Waterfall is in the Bunga Hamlet, Jatimulya Village, Girimulya District, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The point point is the path of temptation. Then, continue the journey towards the embankment.

Then, direct the vehicle towards the hills to go to Goa Kiskendo. After traveling approximately 5 km from this cave, tourists turn left towards the signboard that is already present in this area.

The roads in this area are up and down. However, it’s very subtle. And it’s wide enough so that travel buddies can breathe a little easier when visiting this area. After arriving in front of the entrance to Kedung Pedut, you must walk for 20 minutes.

The journey from the gate to the location point is indeed very beautiful. With a variety of towering trees. Try to breathe fresh air in this area, this oxygen will penetrate deep into your heart.

Price of admissionKedung Pedut Waterfall

To enjoy this area, you will be withdrawn for 3 thousand rupiah. plus the parking fee for the car is subject to a tariff of 5 thousand rupiah. and for motorized vehicles will be pulled at a price of 2 thousand rupiah.

For travel buddies who visit this area, please throw the trash in its place. In order to add to the beauty and beauty of this area. Because, with the presence of garbage, the view will feel less comfortable.

Kedung Pedut Photo Gallery

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Photo (c) @sendohjogja
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Kedung Pedut Waterfall is an area that should not be left behind when a travel buddy visits Kulon Progo. Feel the coolness and natural freshness of this area. So, when do you guys want to visit this area?