Kyrie Irving is brilliant, the Nets finally win again

Jakarta, IDN Times – NBA 2021/22 is a frustrating season for Kyrie Irving. However, on Wednesday (9/3/2022), fans, especially Brooklyn Nets fans, seemed to be reminded that Irving has extraordinary talent.

Irving was a key figure in the success of the Nets overthrowing the Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum Center. Hand in hand with Kevin Durant and Andre Drummond, Irving led the Nets to end the negative trend.

1. Kyrie Irving scores 50 points for the Nets

Kyrie Irving is brilliant, the Nets finally win

In this match against the Hornets, Irving was really unstoppable. Unmitigated, they scored 50 successful points in this match, wrapped in six assists and three rebounds. Irving’s points score even far exceeds Durant and Drummond.

Durant, who had been the mainstay of the Nets in the last two matches, was only able to score 14 points in this match. As for Drummond, he only carved 20 points. However, points from these two players succeeded in bringing the Nets to victory.

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2. Kyrie Irving brings the Nets out of the dark

Kyrie Irving is brilliant, the Nets finally win

Prior to the victory against the Hornets, the Nets were haunted by darkness. In the last four games in the NBA, they have always suffered defeats, including losing to the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. They are helpless.

However, now Irving is here to bring light. He stopped this bad trend of the Nets, as well as brought hope for the Nets in the next matches. He can also support Durant who is now a pillar in the team.

3. A tough opponent awaits the Nets

Kyrie Irving is brilliant, the Nets finally win againSteve Nash (left) talking to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant (right) / (

Looking ahead, tough opponents await the Nets. Nearby, there is the Philadelphia 76ers which they will face on Friday (11/3/2022). They will meet again with James Harden in that match.

After meeting the Sixers, the Nets will face the New York Knicks, the Orlando Magic, and the Dallas Mavericks. With Kyrie Irving’s good performance, the Nets could get something positive again in the games ahead.