Lake in Aceh

The lake can be a place to relax for a moment to get rid of fatigue from various jobs and activities. This tourist spot is also an ideal place to find peace.

Aceh has several lakes that can make the mood happier. This nature tourism has clean, clear waters and eye-catching colors.

Where are the lakes in Aceh that have succeeded in making vacations even more fun? Come on, see the following article!

1. Lake Laut Tawar

5 Lakes in Aceh that You Must Visit, Make Your Holiday Special!Laut Tawar Lake (

Laut Tawar Lake is a charming lake located in the highlands of Central Aceh with an area of ​​5,761 hectares and a volume of 175 million cubic meters of water. This makes it the largest lake in Aceh.

Laut Tawar Lake is open to the public for 24 hours. So visitors can enjoy the view from morning to night. Many people choose to pitch a tent around it and build a bonfire at night.

The beautiful natural atmosphere and supported by the cool air, of course make the holiday moments here unforgettable.

2. Lake Aneuk Laot

5 Lakes in Aceh that You Must Visit, Make Your Holiday Special!Aneuk Laot Lake (

Aneuk Laot Lake is located in Sabang. This lake is one of the water sources in Pulau Weh or Sabang City. The area has an area of ​​about 45.9 hectares with a volume of 3 million cubic meters. This is what makes Aneuk Laot Lake the fifth largest lake in Aceh.

The panorama it has is so charming and supported by the clear water. Around it also has cool air so that tourists will feel at home to spend their time here.

Many tourists explore its beauty by renting the available boats.

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3. Kemiki Lake

5 Lakes in Aceh that You Must Visit, Make Your Holiday Special!Kemiki Lake (

Kemiki Lake is located in the Ulu Masen ecosystem area. The lake is also flanked by Peut Sagoe Volcano and Mount Kemiki 2800 masl. This makes the scenery so impressive. The atmosphere is cool with green plants that thrive.

Kemiki Lake is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Aceh that must be visited while on vacation to this area. In addition, this place is a research area because the area contains the habitat of Sumatran elephants and deer.

4. Tadu Sea Lake

5 Lakes in Aceh that You Must Visit, Make Your Holiday Special!Tadu Sea Lake (

One of the lakes that is a favorite nature tourism for Acehnese is Lake Laut Tadu. Interestingly, the location is flanked by six villages at once in Tadu Raya District, Nagan Raya Regency. Like most lakes in Aceh, this nature tour also has a charming panorama.

Lake Laut Tadu is a large freshwater lake. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the expanse of waters, tourists will also be greeted with views of towering green mountains.

5. Rerebe Blue Lake

5 Lakes in Aceh that You Must Visit, Make Your Holiday Special!Blue Lake Rerebe (

Blue Lake Rerebe is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Gayo Lues. This place is still the only blue lake in Aceh, making many tourists flock to witness its beauty firsthand.

According to some sources, this blue color comes from the bottom of the lake which is dominated by limestone. Blue Lake Berebe is an artificial lake that was deliberately created by damming a waterfall so that this 100×100 meter niche can be filled with water.

For those who are confused about where to go for the next vacation, then you can visit some of the lakes in Aceh above. The air is cool with beautiful views, of course it’s the right location to clear your mind, right?

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