Latest Facts! Friendship Hospital Reveals Many Covid-19 Vaccines Treated Turns Out to be Vaccinations – The Covid-19 vaccination is carried out to prevent the risk of hospitalization and death. Vaccination does not work to prevent infection, which can still attack even after two full doses of the injection.

This is evident from data from the Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta, as one of the referrals for Covid-19, many patients have received the first or second dose of vaccination status.

“At Friendship Hospital, there are quite a number of patients with a history of undergoing the Covid-19 vaccination program. So, it seems that the first vaccination and the second vaccination have a certain period of time or may result in a person’s immunity,” said Head of the Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine at Persahabatan Hospital, dr. . Prasenohadi, Sp.P., in the Covid-19 Task Force webinar, Wednesday (2/3/2022).

Unfortunately, doctor Prasenohadi did not specify the number of Covid-19 patients at the Friendship Hospital who had been vaccinated.

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Illustration of the Covid-19 vaccine.  (Pexels)
Illustration of the Covid-19 vaccine. (Pexels)

He revealed that the average Covid-19 patient had a sore throat and cough as one of the common symptoms of the omicron variant infection. Although there are more patients with mild-moderate symptoms, at the hospital there are still Covid-19 patients with severe and critical conditions.

“Don’t play with this variant, although generally the symptoms are mild, it turns out that there are still severe and critical hospitals, especially people who have not been vaccinated and have comorbidities. It will make things worse,” he said.

Comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and blood coagulation are comorbidities that quite a lot worsen the symptoms of Covid-19.

“In general, we should not be careless, even though now with mild symptoms. But the reality is that there are still deaths,” he said.

Doctor Prasenohadi explained, antibodies from the vaccine will drop to a certain amount in some time. Therefore, the body’s ability to fight the corona virus will also weaken.

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“So if another variant enters, another type, then that person can be infected,” he concluded.