Latest MX Player Pro Apk 2022 Full Crack & No Ads – Surely everyone has been confused about finding a video player application that supports all types of video files. Well here is an application MX Player Pro Apk which could be a solution. With this application, you can play all kinds of video files easily.

As you know, along with the development of the era, watching movies or videos can not only use laptop devices. Because now, you can use a smartphone to enjoy movies or videos. One example is when you play YouTube.

But what about videos or movies that have been downloaded and stored in the gallery. It’s very easy, because now there are lots of movie player applications that you can use. One of them is the presence of the MX Player application that can help you enjoy your free time.

Maybe not a few of you are still unfamiliar with the application. Then there are some people who really understand the application. But for those of you who are still confused, don’t worry. Because below will be reviewed in full about the application. Just listen to find out about this MX Player application, here are some of them:

About MX Player Pro App

As explained above, that MX Player Pro Apk is a movie player application that can improve the graphics quality. Then with this application, you can watch movies with a display and resolution that is more comfortable to look at.

In addition, with this application you can play various kinds of films with different formats. This means that you can play all movies of any format with this application. So that the function of this application is more or less the same as that on a PC. With this application, it allows you to watch movies with different types of formats and get maximum quality.

The emergence of this application is indeed due to many smartphone users who when playing movies or videos get a low resolution. Especially with the video you want to watch using a device with medium specifications. Things like this make the graphic quality and resolution of the film being played low and break. So, the film you watch is not impressed.

Then with the presence of the Pro version of the MX Player application, you can play movies and get the best quality. Things like this will make you more comfortable watching the movie you are playing. You can even recommend your friends to use this application in playing movies.

Meanwhile, the size of the MX Player Pro application is quite light. So it will not burden your device. Even the interface or appearance of this application is very simple and simple. So you will not be confused or have difficulty the first time you use this application.

Interestingly, the developer of this application installs a functional system that is patent in it. So you don’t have to worry if this application is very safe and will not make your device heavy or even damaged.

Then with its features, you will be able to feel everything when you try it. But before that, it’s even better if you know it first. As follows

MX Player Pro MOD APK Features

You can get all the interesting features of this app if you try it. Even the features offered are unmitigated. So that it will make your experience of watching movies on Android enjoyable without feeling bored or monotonous.

Then before you download the application, it seems that you have to know in advance about a number of features that you will get from this application. Are as follows :

  • Support English Subtitle
  • Kids Lock
  • Multi-Core Decoding
  • Ads-free or Anti-Ads
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Zoom perfectly

Download MX Player Pro APK

More or less like that regarding the features that you get from the application. Now, after knowing it, surely you will be more curious and want to immediately use the application. You will not find this application on official markets like the Play Store. But you can get it via the internet or the link below.

How are you interested? Eits wait a minute, take a look first at a glance about MX Player Pro Apk. So you can get more information about this application. For example is like this:

App NameMX Player Pro APK
Size14 MB
New versionv.1.13.2
DeviceAndroid 5.0+

Now that you know it, it’s time for you to try the app. You just click the download link below.

Download link is in “here”.

How to Install MX Player Pro APK Mod App

As mentioned above, you can’t find this application on the Play Store. That is, this application was developed by a third party. So that the process of downloading and installing applications is different from other applications in general.

After you download the application, the way to install third-party applications is also different. Maybe for some people, the installation of this application is as usual. But what about the newbie? Check out the steps below:

  1. First, you first download the Pro version of the MX Player application via the link provided above,
  2. Then you open the File Manager menu,
  3. Then you search for “Internal Storage” and select the “Download” folder,
  4. Next, you find the file from “Mx Player APK”,
  5. When you have found it, then you just click “Install”,
  6. After that, you will be directed to the settings page with the “Install Application From Unknown Source” or “Unknown Source” option display,
  7. Then you click “Yes” and the application installation process will run,
  8. Wait for the install process for a while,
  9. Finished.

Difference Mx Player Pro With Free Version

As explained above, that MX Player Pro Apk is a premium version of the application. It’s clearly much different compared to the original version or the free version. One of the most striking differences is the system in it.

Then for more details about the application, below is a table of the differences between the two. Listen below:

MX Player Pro APKMX Player Free
You can use all kinds of features when you buy them, or use the mod version.Minimal access and minimal features.
Can watch movies and videos of various types of formats.You can play not all types of formats using the free version.
Absolutely no ads appear on this pro version. So it won’t bother you when playing moviesThere are still frequent and many ads milling about that interfere with your screen.
Maximum video quality, better and better resolution than the regular version.The quality of the film is still fairly low or blurry. So very bored when played.


How, still not interested in MX Player Pro Apk? You haven’t tried it yet, try it if you’ve tried. Guaranteed you will feel the experience of watching movies like real with maximum quality. Good luck and good luck.