LEGO Vespa 125 Classic, Makes Nostalgic

Jakarta, IDN Times – For you LEGO fans and Vespa lovers, don’t miss customizing the Vespa 125 Classic which is very similar to the original. This miniature Vespa 125 consists of 1,106 LEGO pieces which are quite challenging when assembling them.

“The challenge faced was to make a smooth Vespa shape from Lego pieces,” said Marco Lambri, Head of the Piaggio Group Design Center, in a written statement, Wednesday (9/3/2022).

1. The iconic Vespa 125 design radiates from LEGO

LEGO Vespa 125 Classic, Makes NostalgicPiaggio Indonesia

This new LEGO model is a homage to the original Vespa model which is synonymous with pastel blue – one of the first colors used by this Italian scooter. To add a classic aura, you can also add a classic 1960s Italian license plate plus the Vespa logo.

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2. The smoothness is felt in every part

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LEGO Vespa 125 Classic, Makes NostalgicPiaggio Indonesia

Like the original unit, this classic Vespa 125 miniature is full of beautiful details and cutting-edge design touches. You can also feel the subtlety of the design in every part, from the bunch of flowers in the basket, the spare wheel to the removable engine cover, the engine, to the kickstand and steering wheel.

3. Brings nostalgia

LEGO Vespa 125 Classic, Makes NostalgicPiaggio Indonesia

Senior LEGO Designer Florian Muller says putting together this LEGO Vespa 125 Classic will take you back to the 1960s, when scooters dominated the world’s streets.

“This device gives me the opportunity to go back in time and let my imagination flow while designing. We hope fans can also have the same experience.” said Florian Muller.

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