Legrand Legacy Tale of The Fatebounds: Local JRPG Worth Trying

Legrand Legacy can be a sign that Indonesian game developers are serious about making games. Not only presenting quite detailed and in-depth game aspects, Semisoft, as a developer, also promotes this game by releasing it to many platforms including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, to Microsoft Windows.

Legrand Legacy

In the past, it seemed that some of us, including myself, underestimated a bit when Indonesian developers were developing games. Many games fail to release or not, even if they are released, they only use the RPG Maker application.

However, after the emergence of Dreadout and Legrand Legacy, it seems that optimism about the development of the game industry has also begun to increase, although there is still a lot of effort made by developers. Several gaming media and technology have also contributed to the development of the game industry in Indonesia.

Back again to the Legrand Legacy game, we will discuss one of the JRPG games from this country. Now, before we just issue the jargon “use local or domestic products”, we should pay attention to all aspects of domestic products. For those of you who are curious, follow this article to the end.

Story Plot

This game comes with a fantasy theme filled with many kinds of races, monsters, and magical powers like other fantasy-themed RPG games. At the beginning of the game, you will be shown a gladiator-style battle between the protagonist and a large man who has just slashed a human head. The main protagonist named Finn finally has to face the big man full of muscles. In terms of strength, Finn of course lost, and he almost died at the hands of that person. When he was in a state of urgency, a power emerged from within Finn’s body, and his corneas shrank. Finally the big man fell in the hands of Finn.

Legrand Legacy

Because he defeated and killed his opponent in the arena, he was punished for his actions. Fortunately, an old man saved him and asked him to come with the old man to save his daughter. On his way he meets many things including being tripped by a group of bandits. When he finds the old man dead and himself unconscious, he meets a woman named Aria.

Aria promises to accompany Finn in saving the princess from the old man who saved Finn’s life, and asks Finn to help her find someone named Lazarus. Lazarus is believed to be the one who can restore peace to the world of Legrand (the world they live in). That’s the outline of the story brought by this JRPG game from Indonesia.

Combining Elements of Old JRPG Games

If you’ve played some old JRPG games like The Legend of Dragoon and Shadow Hearts. Legrand Legacy will remind you of The Legend of Dragon. Starting from a world with such color tones, to a battle mechanism that is quite similar. In addition, Legrand Legacy also comes with a camera perspective that is also no different from the JRPG game released on the PS1.

Legrand Legacy
For the battle mechanics, Legrand Legacy is similar to Shadow Hearts’ style with its Ring System. This Ring System will determine the damage generated by the character’s attacks. You are required to press the button correctly so that the rotating needle stops in the red or yellow area. The more you press the right button, the attacks generated by the characters in this game will be even greater, and vice versa.

Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy also takes some elements from Suikoden, namely tactical combat. In this tactical combat mode you will control a war general. In addition, the reason why Legrand Legacy can be said to be a serious game is the existence of FMV. The FMV, which was produced by a studio from Indonesia, is quite serious and quite slick. This also does not give hope to the Indonesian game industry, but also the animated film industry.

Legrand Legacy Conclusion: Try First Then Comment

We are actually quite tired of hearing jargons or invitations to use Indonesian products without paying attention to the quality of a product. However, we are also very tired of the skepticism and apathy of the consumers and don’t give the serious producers a chance.

Semisoft, as a developer, has proven that Indonesian developers are really serious in developing or creating something. Although this game is executed very well, of course we should not ignore its shortcomings. This game has two very significant weaknesses, one of which is the dialogue that feels stiff in some events and also the equipment and accessories menu that should be in an RPG game. However, behind these shortcomings, this game is still very worthy for you to taste as a longing healer for JRPG games that have traditional turn-based gameplay mechanisms.