Life Adventure is Mitsubishi’s New Spirit in Indonesia – PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) introduced its newest branding concept, “Life Adventure” to the people of Indonesia.

This concept is present as a foundation for MMKSI in carrying out its business processes as a brand that supports the life adventures of everyone who lives their life to face challenges, pursue passions, and enjoy an amazing and challenging life journey.

Covid-19 comes in 2020, when Mitsubishi celebrates its 50th anniversary in Indonesia. Mitsubishi sincerely hopes that our valued customers, colleagues and partners and families will survive this difficult situation.

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At that moment, Mitsubishi again realized that in any environment, there is a wonderful adventure in everyone’s daily life, and it is a real pleasure in life to enjoy it and move forward while gaining a sense of satisfaction.

“And we promise to be a brand that can contribute to happiness and a richer quality of life in the future for our customers, colleagues, partners, and families by supporting the life adventures of every Indonesian,” said Naoya Nakamura, President Director of MMKSI.

The concept of “Life Adventure” is an interpretation of Mitsubishi Motors’ direction and attitude in Indonesia, where MMKSI is a brand that accompanies people in pursuing their ambition to live life’s adventures with passion.

This concept is motivated by MMKSI’s commitment to improving the consumer experience, where digitalization, quality improvement and branding are the main pillars.

Consumer satisfaction is the most basic thing in running the MMKSI business which can open up new opportunities in the future.

The importance of recognizing the value of a brand, which is linked with an understanding of the right target consumers, can form a personal relationship and build emotional closeness between consumers and the brand.

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Where this will provide various benefits that are not visible, but can strengthen the brand image and differentiate Mitsubishi Motors from other brands.

This can be one of the advantages in introducing Mitsubishi Motors products and services.

There are so many things that influence a person’s “Life Adventure”, and Mitsubishi Motors wants to be a partner to anyone who sees life’s challenges as an extraordinary adventure.

By informing the characteristics and mentality of the Mitsubishi Motors brand through various activities, it is hoped that prospective consumers who are still in the stage of determining their life character can join Mitsubishi Motors consumers.

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