Lifestyle modification is the key to controlling diabetes – Treating diabetes cannot be done overnight. It takes a long process to maintain a lifestyle so that blood sugar is maintained. This was revealed by a clinical nutrition specialist, dr. Elfina Rachmi, M.Gz, Sp. NO.

“Controlling diabetes is related to lifestyle modification. There is a process of adaptation and practice of habits from less good to better,” said dr. Elfina was quoted from mGanik’s press release, Thursday (24/3/2022).

Not long ago, the food supplement brand for diabetes patients released a documentary video about diabetes that was specifically made to succeed the movement entitled Smart Fight Diabetes.

Documentary video about diabetes Smart vs Diabetes (Dok. mGanik)
Documentary video about diabetes Smart vs Diabetes (Dok. mGanik)

In the video, his party invited several specialist doctors who used to treat diabetes as resource persons.

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“We want to help and provide the best service to diabetics in Indonesia, from providing education, useful products, to customer service,” said Michael Candiago, Founder and CEO of mGanik.

Documentary videos about diabetes are made based on in-depth scientific research and are based on facts that occur in the field. Several diabetics also voiced their opinions regarding the journey they had been through in dealing with diabetes so far.

“Drugs only temporarily regulate sugar levels. I’m also afraid that I will continue to take medication. That’s why I adjust my lifestyle too. Don’t be like me, I just realized that after I was sick I realized to maintain my lifestyle,” said one of the diabetics in the documentary.

Furthermore, Michael said that his party continues to try to instill awareness of the importance of maintaining a lifestyle, starting from implementing a diabetic diet to improving blood sugar health.

“We dare to take steps that are not easy to educate the public. The education provided will continue to be updated in accordance with the development of information in the world of health.”

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“We hope to have a broad impact on the Indonesian people, the majority of whom suffer from or have a bloodline of diabetes,” concluded Michael.