Link Twibbon Bekasi City Anniversary 2022 The Coolest

Twibbon Bekasi City Anniversary 2022

This time we will share a collection of the 25th latest Bekasi City 2022 Twibbon links. Anyway, residents of Bekasi and its surroundings should try this twibbon to put on your profile photo. Here is the link that we will share, it can be used immediately for free.

Bekasi is an area located in West Java Province as an administrative city and of course very close to Jakarta. On the other hand, it turns out that the city of Bekasi has a long history until it finally stood independently.

The beginning of the founding of the city of Bekasi began with a demonstration of 40 thousand people in the city square of Bekasi on February 17, 1950. They held a demonstration to declare that the people of Bekasi were loyal to the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

At that time, residents also gave suggestions to the central government to reorganize the mapping of the Bekasi areas at that time, including the villages in Bekasi.

Twibbon Bekasi City Anniversary 2022

And for the residents of Bekasi and its surroundings, on March 10, 2022, today is the 25th anniversary of the city of Bekasi. Of course, this is a historic day for the residents of Bekasi and its surroundings that cannot be missed.

We, as citizens of Bekasi, should be very proud of this city called administration, because it is a city that is quite important in the government of the Republic of Indonesia. And very close to the capital city of Indonesia which makes it easy to access government affairs.

Link Twibbon Bekasi City Anniversary 2022

Below are some links to the 25th twibbon hut of Bekasi City 2022, you can choose whichever one is considered suitable and make sure beforehand that you have prepared a handsome or beautiful profile photo to match the twibbon.

  1. Bekasi City Anniversary Twibbon 2022-1
  2. Bekasi City Anniversary Twibbon 2022-2
  3. Bekasi City Anniversary Twibbon 2022-3
  4. Bekasi City Anniversary Twibbon 2022-4
  5. Bekasi City Anniversary Twibbon 2022-5

If it is not interesting or not suitable, you can use the link above this article to get a twibbon that is cooler and certainly more unique than the others.

How to Use Bekasi City Anniversary Twibbon

  1. First of all, prepare a cool profile photo first.
  2. Then you go to the link that already exists above.
  3. Press the select photo button to select a photo in your cellphone gallery.
  4. Click next and wait for the process to complete.
  5. When finished, the DOWNLOAD menu will appear below it.
  6. Please press DOWNLOAD to save the finished twibbon.
  7. Finished.

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