List of 45 Participants Qualifying for the Semifinals of the Songwriting Competition by Nada Indonesia – The Indonesian Tone Songwriting Competition held by Indihome with Langit Musik has now entered the semifinal stage.

After being opened for the first time on December 30, 2021, the Karya Nada Indonesia songwriting competition has determined 45 singers/musicians who have qualified for the semifinals.

Participants who passed came from various regions in Indonesia, starting from DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, North Sumatra, Maluku, Central Sulawesi, Banten, North Sumatra, Bali, East Kalimantan, Kep. Riau, Yogyakarta Special Region, West Sumatra, South Sumatra, and Papua.

The area is divided into 9 regions, namely Kalimantan, Greater Jakarta, Sumatra, East Java, West Java, Central Java, Ambon Papua, Sulawesi, and Bali Nusa.

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Before announcing who had qualified, the works of the 45 semifinalists had gone through the eligibility process to ensure the feasibility of their song lyrics so that they can be used as playlists in the Langit Musik application.

This process has been completed as well as the 45 participants who have been determined to qualify for the semifinals.

Later, participants who pass will need to upload their songs on Facebook so that it can be used as a playlist and listened to by fans.

Well, this upload procedure will be directly guided by Karya Nada Indonesia. So, get ready to get a call huh!

In this semifinal stage, the participants are allowed to promote their best works widely in order to get the maximum number of listeners.

Don’t forget that the song can only be heard through the Langit Musik application.

The assessment for the semifinal stage is taken from the number of listeners on the Langit Musik application with a portion of 40 percent and 60 percent is an assessment from the jury.

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In this round, the organizers will choose 1 musician from each region based on the number of listeners and the judge’s assessment. So, later there will be 9 participants who pass to the national stage as well as represent their respective regions.

The final nine finalists from each region will be re-elected into 3 winners, namely the National Winner who will receive a prize of IDR 10 million and an exclusive label contract.

The Favorite Winner whose song is heard the most on the Langit Musik application will get a prize of IDR 5 million, and the Regional Winner will get a prize of IDR 2.5 million.

In addition, the works of the 9 finalists who have been selected will also be a playlist in the Langit Musik application.

So, to find out who are the singers and musicians who have qualified for the semifinals of the Indonesian Tone Songwriting Competition, here is the complete list:

  • John kristianto alvin
  • Cers
  • Muhammad Fadhlan Saputra Lahusani
  • Irta Sari Apriliyanti
  • karjono
  • Mohammad Bahtiar MS
  • Dawn andri Kusuma
  • Indra mutual
  • Muhammad Nafi
  • Wynn Shinobi
  • Halim Chandra
  • Meutia Faradina Shahnaz Nasution
  • Arief Muttaqien
  • Afif Maula Fauzi
  • Dalton
  • Beat Pamuji
  • Saeful Kafy
  • sakatika
  • Kadek andhy aditya
  • Zakia Ramadhani
  • Nandang Kusnandar (Nk Nadzar)
  • Rudi Rudiansyah
  • Litalita
  • Lopez Band
  • Peldi Hartono
  • Daniel Pambudi
  • Darry Alim
  • Yudho Andriansyah
  • Gilbert Pohan
  • Rizky Fadillah Hermawan
  • Personal Wisdom
  • Rd Luthfie Zailani Dwikusumah
  • Muhammad Bagas Maulid Huga Pradipta
  • Marta borisman
  • Wildan Paradise
  • Sebastian Januareza
  • Andi Kurniawan
  • Muhammad Dzia Ulhaq
  • Fathur Rochman Candra Arifin
  • Danny Johannes
  • Andre Natalis Putranto

How? Is your name on the list? For those who passed, congratulations! And, for those who haven’t passed, keep the spirit!

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