List of Best iOS Launcher Apps to Turn Android into New iPhone this Year

Top 10 Best iOS Launcher Apps for Android 2020 Are you bored with the style of your Android phone display? The following best android app launchers can help you overcome boredom.

In general, smartphones are equipped with displays that can be considered
standard. But we as users can outsmart and change
view by using APK launcher.

This is an application specially designed to enhance the look of android phone at will.

Collection of Most Popular iPhone Launcher APKs No Ads There are many app launchers available on Play Store or on Google.

Each brings different features and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

List of Launcher Apps for iOS

iOS Launcher App

For those of you who are interested, we have compiled a review of the launcher
Best Android must try. Please see most launcher reviews
cool and best for your Android smartphone below.

The following is a list of launcher applications for iOS that you need to know.

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1. xOS Launcher

A collection of android launchers to be similar to iOS. For the former, we’d recommend xOS Launcher.

Presenting various interesting features, this launcher will help you improve the appearance of your smartphone.

There are various types of themes and widgets that can be used to create
Homescreen looks cooler. There are also some effects that you can
try it yourself.

2. Launcher for Phone 7 & Plus

Collection of Android launchers to look like iOS. Want to feel
iPhone display but only have Android? Be the one launcher
this is the solution.

This will give you a look similar to the one on the iPhone.
There are many features to change the appearance of the homescreen. Multiple effects
cool transitions, app icons and themes you can try yourself.

3. One Launcher

collection of Android launchers to be similar to iOS. Besides, there are still
an application launcher that provides an iPhone-like appearance.

No need to worry, this APK APK is very light to run so it doesn’t burden smartphone performance.

Although relatively light, the features presented are very complete, starting from effects, themes and widgets, all of which are cool.

4. Clean UI

collection of Android launchers to be similar to iOS. Still the launcher
provides a similar appearance to iOS. But Clean UI is more focused
in a simple and minimalistic look.

But you do not need to doubt the features and appearance that is presented.
With a wide variety of cool themes, wallpapers, widgets, you can
beautify your Android homescreen easily.

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5. OS Launcher


collection of Android launchers to be similar to iOS. For the latter, it is no less than the previous launcher.

Provides features to make Android homescreen look like
iOS, this launcher is a must try. There is a large selection of themes, icons and
widgets, all of which are cool and fun.

In addition there is also a feature to hide certain applications from view.

6. Nova Launcher

With the number of downloads running into the millions, it’s not wrong if Teslacoin Software’s mobile launcher is listed this time.

Another reason is because nova launcher is also famous for having
unquestionable customization and user interface.

Nova launcher comes in two series free series and also series
paid, Nova Launcher Pro, which mobile phones can buy at a price
Rp. 65 thousand.

7. Pixel Launcher

pixel launcher

If you want a subtle but modern looking booze then try Google launcher this time.

Launcher with Pixel name comes just like the one brought by Google
pixel and also some other smartphones that use stock android
or androidone which is getting more hits.

However, there are several weaknesses in this launcher, one of which is very minimal customization.

8. POCO Launcher

The next best launcher app is the corresponding POCO launcher
with the name this cool application is an application made by Xiaomi.

Although this is a relatively new launcher that also uses
POCOPHONE smartphone, it also has a very large number of users
which is in the hundreds of thousands.

Minimalist design with attractive personalization is one of the advantages of this pocophone.

9. CM Launcher

More than 7 million launcher users created by Cheetah Mobile
tends to be solid evidence that CM Launcher is indeed a good launcher
has great performance.

Beautiful cosmetics coupled with interesting features such as 3D effects,
3D animation will certainly make this one application go wrong
one of the best app for Launcher.

Moreover, this launcher doesn’t have a lot of ads so users can have more fun using it without being bothered by ads.

10. Apex Launcher

List of Best iOS Launcher Apps to Turn Android into New iPhone This Year 2

Apex launcher is available in two versions, free and paid
where the paid one is apex launcher pro which is priced at Rp

For the free version itself provides a fixed performance
maintained apart from being able to provide a great user experience
Attractive with lots of Customization through attractive themes.

The size of this launcher itself is not too big so it is perfect for friends who do have a little RAM left.

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Thus our article about the 10 Best iOS Launcher Applications on the Latest Android 2020, hopefully it can help you in choosing an iOS launcher application on your Android.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.