List of Best Selling Electric Motorcycles in Indonesia

Jakarta, IDN Times – The echo of electric motorcycles is not very audible in Indonesia. Because there are no major manufacturers that launched electric motors in the country. Honda and Yamaha, for example, are still playing in hybrid machines, and even then, there are not many products.

The electric motorcycle market in Indonesia has just been worked on by non-giant manufacturers such as Gesits and United Motor. Then when will electric motors replace conventional motors in Indonesia?

Well, here are the results of the survey “Indonesian Modern Consumption” which was held by Populix on January 3-9, 2022 in Indonesia. The survey involved 1,002 respondents with details of 523 male respondents and 479 female respondents aged 18-55 years.

1. Electric motorcycle users in Indonesia are still minimal

List of Best Selling Electric Motorcycles in

From the survey results, it is known that there are very few electric motorcycle users in Indonesia, namely only 13 percent of the total respondents. Even so, the potential of electric motors remains very large. This can be seen from 29 percent of respondents who expressed interest in trying electric motors. In addition, giant automotive manufacturers will slowly but surely switch to electric motors

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2. Electric motorbikes are the most popular, not Gesits

List of Best Selling Electric Motorcycles in IndonesiaT-1800 electric motorcycle (Instagram/

The survey also stated that the most popular electric motorcycle was United Motor (34 percent), followed by Viar (30 percent) and Gesits (20 percent). United Motor has succeeded in attracting consumers of electric motorcycles through the T-1800 which can cover a distance of up to 130 km on a single full charge.

3. The target of 13 million electric motors is too grandiose?

List of Best Selling Electric Motorcycles in IndonesiaGrab drivers try out electric motorbikes ordered by Grab Indonesia to Viar Motor Indonesia. (IDN Times/Anggun Puspitoningrum)

The government itself is targeting 13 million units of electric motorcycles to be sold in Indonesia by 2030. But seeing that there are no giant automotive manufacturers that sell electric motorcycles, it seems that the target is too grandiose, doesn’t it?