List of Best Smart Brain Games to Play – GOODGAME.ID

Playing games is not just about having fun. There are several games that can make the brain more creative. This game is called a smart brain game, whose purpose it was created to make players more creative. Here is the review.

Memory Boost Games – Lumosity

This game can be found easily on Android, because you can download it directly to get the application, or play it on the website. This is a game whose goal is to increase the memory of its users.

Not only that, the Lumosity game also contains problem solving and thinking. This game consists of several sessions, in which there are brain-challenging games. So you need time to finish the game.

Logic Games – Sudoku

This game is already popular as a game that requires logic to play it. Sodoku is a game based on logic that uses short term memory. The game consists of a 9×9 grid with clues in it, and you are asked to complete it.

These instructions are numbers, with the rule that you cannot write the same number in a row or column or in a 3×3 grid. Usually, each 3×3 section will be separated by a fairly thick line.

This game is already available in the form of an application, so you can play it easily. Research proves that this game from Japan makes brain function better.

Brain Teasers – Fit Brain Trainer

This type of game is almost similar to Lumosity which will help you to hone your right brain and left brain. There are 10 game sets that you can play in this smart brain game. Your task is to complete each task in the game category.

Fit Barin Trainer will show your progress with a graph that has a certain color. The games in this game really help improve brain functions such as concentration, memory, eye and hand coordination, to solve problems.

Math Games – Math Duel

Mathematics is a scourge for many people, so they will choose to avoid this game. Actually, this game is very fun, and can help you to sharpen your brain.

This game is a game played by two players, so you look like you are doing a duel because you have to fight each other. This type of duel will encourage you to finish the game and learn math better.

Fun Block Games – Unblock Me FREE

As the name implies, this game aims to make the blocks come out. So, in Unblock Me Free, there will be one block with a different color. You will be asked to remove blocks of different colors from the existing collection of blocks.

This game helps you to think more broadly in solving various problems. You are also trained to set strategies and considerations by playing this game.

Classic Game – Crossword

Crosswords or TTS is a classic game that has been around since ancient times, and is used to hone your brain’s verbal skills. This game can also help improve memory or knowledge memory.

Crossword clues can usually be found in newspapers, magazines, and special books for the crossword puzzle collection. So you can spend extensive time while filling it. Currently TTS is also available in the form of an application, so you can download it easily.

Some studies say people who play smart brain games have better brain function. The results of the study also showed that the brain is 10 years younger than its actual age.