List of Radical Lecturers There is UAS, This is Terrorist Observer Says

Jakarta, IDN Times – The virtual world was shocked by a chain message containing a list of 180 preachers called radicals and intolerant, ranging from Ismail Yusanto, Abdul Somad, Felix Siaw, to Adi Hidayat.

Terrorism observer from Community of Ideological Islamic Analyst (CIIA) Harits Abu Ulya emphasized that if there is no official institution such as the BNPT or one that acknowledges that the data is official from them, then the data circulating on social media is a hoax.

“If you want to be objective and honest; the hoax content actually creates a commotion in cyberspace as well as in life real public. Hoaxes that encourage the public, especially Muslims, to suspect each other, su’udzanand actually disharmony the social life of Muslims,” ​​he said in a written broadcast, Wednesday (9/3/2/2022).

1. It is unfortunate that BNPT’s ambiguous attitude

The List of Radical Lecturers Has UAS, This Is What Terrorism Observers SayWebsite

Harits suggested that the police should actively investigate the source of the hoax information. He considered the slander against many of the nation’s children not the noble cultural value of the Indonesian nation.

“It is unfortunate that the BNPT’s ambiguous attitude towards this issue. It does not openly acknowledge it as a source of information, but it implicitly encourages the public to filter missionaries with the parameters presented by BNPT,” he explained.

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2. The public sees it as a game of opinion and propaganda

The List of Radical Lecturers Has UAS, This Is What Terrorism Observers SayIllustration of Stop Radicalism (IDN Times/Mardya Shakti)

He assessed that this kind of phenomenon would be judged by the public as a kind of opinion and propaganda game with BNPT’s position as a conductor or arranger, both openly and privately.

“I understand that BNPT has a large budget, has employees, has open and closed networks, has a legal umbrella, and even feels that it has social and political legitimacy to carry out all counter-terrorism projects that have been designed,” he added.

3. The public should not be surprised

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The List of Radical Lecturers Has UAS, This Is What Terrorism Observers SayIllustration Against Radicalism (IDN Times/Mardya Shakti)

According to him, the public should not be surprised, surprised or concerned if BNPT continues to produce narratives that have the potential to create chaos among Muslims in particular.

“As long as this institution exists, there is a budget, then work must go on so that there is an LPJ mindsetThe message is that terrorism will never disappear in Indonesia,” he said.

4. Radicalism of thought is the root of terrorism

The List of Radical Lecturers Has UAS, This Is What Terrorism Observers Sayillustration of radicalism (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

Harits insinuated that BNPT should not be half-hearted, but also set parameters for all segments and not be limited to the preacher/lecturer segment. For example, radical mosques, radical Islamic boarding schools, radical schools, radical madrasas, radical civil servants, radical academics, radical traders, radical farmers, radical workers, radical officials, radical professionals, radical students, radical students, radical students.

“Why not? Because I see there is an oversimplification from the BNPT that thought radicalism is the root of terrorism. In order to comprehensively reach all segments of the counter-radicalism project, once again, don’t be half-hearted,” he said.

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5. Accountability for the use of money by BNPT needs to be transparent

The List of Radical Lecturers Has UAS, This Is What Terrorism Observers SayThe head of the BNPT, Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar when giving information regarding the development of an integrated area. IDN Times/Alfi Ramadana

He reminded that accountability for the use of public money by BNPT needs to be transparent so that the public understands and can accept whether everything is rational.

Harits suggested that BNPT should not be criticized from many circles with all counter-terrorist and counter-radicalism propaganda projects, it is necessary to routinely conduct public tests on concepts and narratives before being distributed to the public. Comprehensive consideration will determine whether a narrative needs to be mainstreamed or not.

“In a democratic space, it is not good for the ego of power and authority to become the basis for building authoritarianism at the level of theory, concept, idea, or opinion, even execution. Even though BNPT has a backing of laws that have been passed, empirical facts often give rise to debate and chaos when BNPT implements the substance of the Act. exists,” he said.