List of Used Cars IDR 50 Million, Many Choices

Jakarta, IDN Times – If you have a limited budget and want to buy a car without credit, the solution is to buy a used car. Used cars are indeed an alternative choice for many people who want to have a private car.

The price of a used car itself also varies, it all depends on the type of car, year of manufacture, condition, and also the completeness of the documents. The choices are also fairly complete, from city cars to SUVs.

1. Suzuki Karimun Estilo

List of Used Cars IDR 50 Million, Many ChoicesSuzuki Karimun Estilo (

Suzuki Karimun Estilo is one of the cars that now has a used price of Rp. 50 million. This city car is the next generation of the Suzuki Karimun ‘Box’. Karimun Estilo first appeared in Indonesia in 2007 ago.

This Suzuki Karimun Estilo uses a 1,100 cc engine coded F10J, which has a maximum power of 64 hp only. Although the power is not great, but this car is very suitable for daily use, because it saves fuel. On online buying and selling sites, this car is priced from Rp. 52 million for 2010 output.

2. Toyota Kijang Capsule

List of Used Cars IDR 50 Million, Many ChoicesDeer Capsule/

The next car that you can choose is the Toyota Kijang Kapsul, which is the fourth generation in the history of the Toyota Kijang in Indonesia. The Toyota Kijang, which looks like a capsule, was launched in 1997. This generation of Kijang Capsules received two facelifts, the first in 2000 and 2002.

There are also many choices of Kijang Kapsul engines, 7K 1,800 cc petrol engines, 2L 2,446 cc diesels, and 2,000 cc petrol engines. For output in 2001, the price of a used Toyota Kijang Kapsul starts at IDR 51 million.

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3. Daihatsu cadets

List of Used Cars IDR 50 Million, Many ChoicesIllustration of Daihatsu Taruna (

The next used car on the list is the Daihatsu Taruna. Daihatsu Taruna paved in Indonesia for the first time in 1999, at that time the C-series variant was launched.

It was only in 2001 that the Daihatsu Taruna F-series appeared. The Daihatsu Taruna F-series is indeed more spacious than the C-series, because its body is 250 mm longer. The early generation cadets were equipped with a 1,600 cc carburetor engine, then Daihatsu released a 1,500 cc EFI engine variant that was able to put out a maximum power of 86 hp at 6,000 rpm.

The car, which is now being continued by Daihatsu Terios, is affordable, starting at Rp. 56 million for 2003 output.

4. Mitsubishi Kuda

List of Used Cars IDR 50 Million, Many ChoicesWikipedia

Mitsubishi Kuda is one of the candidates for a Rp 50 million used car that you can have. The official price starts from Rp. 55 million for 2001. The first Mitsubishi Kuda was launched in 1999, and indeed the goal was to fight the might of the Isuzu Panther and Toyota Kijang.

Mitsubishi Kuda has several generations, in 2002 the first facelift version appeared, then later in 2004 the third generation Mitsubishi Kuda rolled out. Mitsubishi Kuda has several engine options, namely 1.6L gasoline, 2.5L diesel, and 2.0L gasoline injection.

Of the four cars above, which one best fits your criteria?