Mafia Review – Definitive Edition: Not Just a Game Remake

Mafia is one of the games with the best open world concept ever. Even before the emergence of GTA 3 which carries the theme of an open world with a third person camera, the game has already started it first. Not only has a format that was quite revolutionary in its time, Mafia has cool graphics quality in 2002. This game was released on several platforms such as PC and PS2.


Game fans with wide maps that allow players to steal cars and can perform more diverse actions are implemented by Illusion Softworks as the developer. This is certainly a breath of fresh air when this kind of game can’t do many things as found in the Driver 2 game. This game takes place in the 1930s in the United States where many mafia kingpins roam. For more details, you can follow the article Buddy Game this time about the Mafia this time.

Mafia Story Plot – Definitive Edition

Broadly speaking, there is no change in terms of the story that is presented in this remake version of the Mafia game. Of course the remake game is a game that was remade with the same storyline as the original version that was released in 2002 ago. Here, you continue to play as Tommy Angelo, who works as a taxi driver. However, due to saving two mobsters from the Salieri family, Tommy is forced to follow the path of the two men. This dangerous job is also driven by the boredom and boredom of being a taxi driver whose life is stagnant and not rich. The boredom of living life as a taxi driver and turning into a mafioso must also pay a heavy price for Tommy. He must face dangerous things on behalf of Salieri’s business and his family.


Of course, the Mafioso world which is full of illegal businesses has its own competition. Following Salieri, Tommy has to deal with the influential Don Morello family. Don Morello was also associated with many important politicians. Here, Tommy Angelo must live a life full of dangers. What’s more, the mafia family founded by Don Salieri was not all loyal. This is the challenge of Tommy’s life to improve the welfare of his family and for his loyalty to Don Salieri.

Gameplay and Graphics: This is New Game Remake!

Instead of being like the two sequels which are remastered versions, Mafia – Definitive Edition is a total game remake. Maybe because the graphic quality of the two sequels is not too far compared to the first series. However, even so, the first game is actually what we think is much more successful than the remastered version of the two sequels. In our opinion, the two sequels don’t really need a remastered version. Moreover, the third game is quite disappointing in terms of gameplay and storyline.

By engine, this game is made with the engine used by Mafia 3. Here you can see the city of Lost Heaven which is more detailed and diverse. You can also see the elements that make the graphics realistic here. Likewise, the expressions and also the details on the face are handled beautifully by Hangar 13, the developer. The lighting and weather effects make it even more dramatic. Of course, when compared to the original series, the graphics are very significantly different. Now Lost Heaven has become more lively and dynamic.

Even though you can freely surround the city of Lost Heaven, basically this Mafia game is not an open world type game like GTA. Lost Heaven is so big you can still explore it in a “Free Ride” way, but the story of this game carries a linear plot. You just run from scenario to scenario in this game. In Mafia – Definitive Edition there is an interesting feature, namely collectibles items in the form of comics that you get in certain places. However, even though this game has a linear story format, you can still steal cars on the streets or in people’s garages. What makes this remake version perfect is the presence of a motor that you never find in the original version.


After being quite disappointed or dissatisfied with the remastered versions of the two sequel games, Hangar 13 and 2K games managed to make a remake of the prequel version of the Mafia game. From the story that remains the same that is now more alive because of the improved graphics, to the more pronounced 1930s atmosphere.