Make-up mistakes that often occur according to skin experts, one of them is using a brush – A skin specialist Laura Andrew from England explains some makeup routines that can damage the skin.

Based on The SunLaura said that we should not need to use a brush when applying foundation.

This is because makeup brushes can cause skin irritation and redness.

According to him, using fingers to apply foundation is sufficient and safe for the skin.

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“The natural warmth of your hands makes it easier to blend foundation than with a brush,” explains Laura.

Makeup illustration.  (Envato Elements)
Makeup illustration. (Envato Elements)

She continues, “Brushes can pull on the skin and cause friction, which often makes the skin more sensitive and red.”

Not only foundation should be applied without a makeup brush, but also concealer.

“When applying concealer under the eye area, use your ring finger and pat very gently, as this will reduce rubbing in the under-eye area.”

In addition, applying eye liner incorrectly can actually cause wrinkles in the eyes.

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“A very common mistake is pulling and stretching the skin, especially around the eyes, when using eye liner,” explains Natura Emporium founder Nichola Cosgrove.

When we feel it lightly tug, it’s quite rough for the delicate eye skin.

“To avoid tugging, use a gel and liquid textured eyeliner so that it can be applied neatly and gently on the skin,” he said.