Malang Stone Transport Museum, Opening Hours, Entrance Tickets and Location

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It doesn’t have to be expensive to enjoy the classic views of motuba or old school transportation, you can go to the stone transport museum to see it. Starting from the types of flying vehicles, land, cars, motorcycles and also marine vehicles.

Opening hours:12.00–20.00 WIB
Ticket price:70,000 weekdays | 100,000 weekends
Contact:(0341) 595007
Address:Jl. Canal Sultan Agung No.2, Ngaglik, Kec. Batu, Batu City, East Java 65314
Public facilities:Toilet, Prayer Room, Cafe, Etc
Access Road:Very good
Online Maps:View Maps
Transport Museum

Museum Angkut, from the name alone, travel buddies must have thought about how the state of this place is? It must be boring, because the museum always keeps a collection of past histories.

There is a different display of the transport museum. It is true, this area is a place of ancient relics. However, the concept and the items are different. Far from what you think.

really? Good, rather than lingering on talking without anything definite. Let’s look at the results of the exploration in the transport museum below,

Stone Transport Museum

Musuem transport is the most interesting area in Malang. This area is packaged in a different form. So, travel buddies will never get tired of seeing various kinds of transportation collections in this area.

There are various kinds of themes that can be enjoyed here. starting from the 80’s, planes, gangsters, modern cars, Chinatown, British English, Las Vegas and the last train transportation of the past.

If you arrive at night, and are at the plane’s departure airport. Take a look below for a moment. Where, this floating market area is very beautiful with dazzling decorations of lights.

Among all regions, the British region is the coolest. Where, travel buddies will be taken to the British palace which is so magnificent. Comes with a garden and flower seller who can be invited to take a selfie.

In addition, travel buddies can also take a mini train and turn around a very futuristic room. or also a photo with queen elizabeth that looks very real. Then, in the gangster area, you will also feel the exact same atmosphere as the original.

Archipelago Floating Market

Still in the Museum Angkut area, where, this area presents various shopping activities and also enjoys the existing culinary offerings. It’s not as expected as in the floating market in Lembang, however, this area is quite beautiful.

There are various kinds of lodges from various regions in the country. Each of these cottages has its own characteristics. Where, they sell culinary and specialty goods. In addition, travel buddies will be presented with a variety of cool cultural attractions.

Like the dances that will be present to entertain. To enjoy this area, travel buddies can have an atm card as a transaction. Where, the remaining balance can be withdrawn back into money.

Archipelago Floating Market

The main attraction of this area is to walk along a green artificial river using a boat that will be driven by fishermen. Travel buddies must register at the cashier and wait at a dock, waiting for the boat to arrive.

The capacity of this boat is between 12 to 15 people. Buddy travel will enjoy every corner of the floating market. In addition, travel buddies can also see the buying and selling activities of traders on the ship.

Still in this area, you will see a very impressive mask museum. Buddy travel will also cross the back of this museum. The most enjoyable time to enjoy this vehicle is in the afternoon.

Where the twilight will present a very serene charm. If you are lucky, you will see the charm of a fantastic sunset from this area. so don’t miss it, it’s a loss if you don’t enjoy this boat.

The address for the Museum Angkut

The transport museum is located on Jalan Canal Sultan Agung No. 2 Ngaglik, Batu District, Batu City, East Java. Getting to this area is very easy. More use public transportation because the road to this area is often congested.

Travel buddies who come from Malang can take the train, then get off at the Malang station. Then, continue the journey by using the ADL or AL public transportation to the Landungsari terminal.

From here, continue using the pink public transportation to get to Batu Terminal. After arriving at the Batu terminal, continue with an angkot that will take your travel buddy to the transport museum. It’s easy isn’t it?

If you don’t want it to take too long, you can use an online taxi from Malang station at a price of 125 thousand rupiah one way. So, if you have to go back and forth, the money that must be prepared is 250 thousand rupiah.

Museum Angkut Entrance Fee

To be able to enjoy this area, you will be charged 70 thousand rupiah for a week day. And, will increase to 100 thousand rupiah on the weekend. Meanwhile, to enjoy the floating market does not have to pay anything.

Don’t forget that when you visit this area, there will be restrictions that you must obey. Where, it is forbidden to bring food or drinks from outside. The officers are quite strict mate.

So, when you first enter here, you will be checked first, including in the bag. If you find drinking water or food, then these two items will be confiscated and will be returned after your travel buddy finishes the tour.

Well, for travel buddies who want to bring a camera, there will be an additional fee of 25 thousand ruoiah. The price is cheap enough to enjoy this very majestic and luxurious area.

Museum Angkut Foto Photo Gallery

Transport Museum
Transport Museum
Transport Museum

How about the beauty and tomorrow of the transport museum. The area in Batu City is indeed mandatory and should be made an option when in Batu or Malang. So, when do you travel to this place?

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