Male Characters in This KDrama Can Be Used as the Standard for Couples

Everyone wants to be in a relationship with the right person. Therefore they have an ideal type that will be used as a standard in choosing a partner. This is not only about appearance, you know, but also about the nature and personality they have.

Although it is the fruit of imagination, but the male character in some Korean drama This can be a benchmark when you want to choose a partner. Described as a responsible person, gentleand dear, here are a series of characters that are guaranteed to make you melt!

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1. Choi Ung (Our Beloved Summer)

5 Male Characters in This KDrama Can Be Used as a Life Partner's StandardChoi Woo Shik in the drama Our Beloved Summer (

His demeanor may be indifferent and indifferent, but it’s actually the character that Choi Woo Shik plays in the drama Our Loved Summer this is very considerate. Although not clearly shown, on many occasions, Choi Ung who is a talented artist often performs some simple but meaningful actions.

Call it the moment when the man who is familiarly called Woong helped lift Dami’s bag while going to school so that her lover didn’t feel heavy. While sharing an umbrella, Woong made sure Dami was protected from the rain even though her body was wet from the rain. This form of sacrifice clearly makes women melt because of it.

2. Jung Yi Hyun (Happiness)

5 Male Characters in This KDrama Can Be Used as a Life Partner's StandardPark Hyung Shik in the drama Happiness (

Despite having a fake marriage, Yi Hyun really has feelings for his ‘wife’ and plays his role as a husband who is alert and considerate. This can be seen from the way he shows his implied affection for Saebom (Han Hyo Joo), a police officer from an elite unit.

Starting from being a good listener, to sacrificing his safety to protect the woman he loves in a crowd of people infected with madness. Although he often disagrees, the character played by Park Hyung Shik is able to defeat his ego and remain calm in solving problems.

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3. Back Yi Jin (Twenty Five Twenty One)

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5 Male Characters in This KDrama Can Be Used as a Life Partner's StandardNam Joo Hyun in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One (

Back Yi Jin and Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) both suffered the unfortunate fate of the economic crisis that hit Korea in 1998. Through various accidental encounters, the two eventually established a close relationship despite the large age difference.

A young man who is fighting for his career as a reporter this often shows support for Hee Do, a fencer in various ways. In fact, he could be said to be the only person who became support system for Hee Do when everyone underestimates him.

4. Hong Du Shik (Hometown Cha Cha Cha)

5 Male Characters in This KDrama Can Be Used as a Life Partner's StandardKim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah in the drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha (

The young man who is more familiarly called Hong ‘Banjang’ or Chief Hong in the drama Hometown Cha Cha This managed to attract attention and become the ideal male character of women. Imagine, Hong Banjang is described as a cheerful, generous, and likes to help people.

In addition, the character played by Kim Seon Ho won five love languages ​​or love language at a time. This can be seen from his sweet actions to Hae Jin (Shin Min Ah), often taking time to spend with his idol, the attention that is expressed through words, to giving warm touches and meaningful gifts.

5. Lee Ik Jun (Hospital Playlist)

5 Male Characters in This KDrama Can Be Used as a Life Partner's StandardJo Jeong Suk in the drama Hospital Playlist (

Behind his ridiculous behavior, Lee Ik Jun apparently has great care and affection for Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do) who is also his best friend. Although it can take him up to 2 decades to express his feelings, he often shows affection in disguise.

Just like Hong Du Shik, the figure played by Jo Jeong Soek also has all the love languages ​​that will no doubt make the hearts of fans melt. He can be reliable, cheerful, and a family-man true. No wonder he was nicknamed husband-able.

Since the presence of these characters in Kdrama, our standards in choosing a partner have risen sharply. Not only charming in terms of appearance, but also very coveted nature and behavior. In your opinion, which character is close to your ideal type?

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