Malnutrition is not only a problem of malnutrition, but also obesity – The nutritional status of children who do not meet the standards indicates a malnourished condition. The Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) classifies malnutrition as not only a condition of malnutrition, but also excess nutrition or obesity.

Unfortunately, excess nutrients actually make the body accumulate too much fat and cause weight to continue to grow.

“Eating high-calorie foods, not doing much physical activity, will gain weight. Children are also increasingly lazy to do activities, gain weight the more children don’t want to do physical activity. As a result, they will become obese,” said pediatrician Dr. Winra Pratita, Sp.A(K)., in the World Obesity Day webinar with the Ministry of Health, Wednesday (2/3/2022).

He explained that determining obesity in children is not just based on their height and weight. However, from body mass index or BMI. Obese children can have a BMI of up to 40, said doctor Winra.

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Based on the IDAI guidelines, it is stated that obesity is different from being overweight or obese. The definition of overweight is being overweight compared to the ideal body weight which can be caused by the accumulation of fat tissue.

While obesity is a disorder or disease characterized by the accumulation of excess body fat tissue. Obesity can also cause various diseases as an adult.

“Such as diabetes, coronary heart disease can later occur in obese children or adults,” he added.

The cause of obesity, according to doctor Winra, is not only because children eat too much. But also due to lack of physical activity.

So, if too much energy enters the body, but there is no energy burning, it will gradually be stored in the body into fat cells.

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“Lack of physical activity, decreased metabolism due to lack of balance, no balance between intake and output, resulting in excess energy. The next stage is formed in fat tissue,” he said.