Manchester United’s ridiculous stats when they were massacred by ManCity

Jakarta, IDN Times – Manchester United again reap negative results. When the duel against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, Sunday (6/3/2022), MU was made up with a score of 1-4.

In the duel, MU did appear under pressure. Although he had scored a goal through Jadon Sancho, on the whole MU was really embarrassed by ManCity.

In fact, in one moment, MU was made unable to control the ball in the last 15 minutes of the match. They only controlled eight percent of possession, compared to ManCity’s 92.

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1. Happens at the last minute

The statistics went viral on social media. The Sportbible account even shows evidence via television screenshots.

A number of journalists such as Carl Markham also highlighted these bad statistics. He couldn’t understand why Manchester United could be so bad against ManCity.

“Only 8 percent possession for Manchester United between 81 and 86 minutes. Totally locked up,” Markham tweeted via his @carlmarkham account.

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2. Fucked by former players

MU’s poor performance did not escape the observation of his former player, Gary Neville. According to Neville, this proves that many players are not worthy of defending Manchester United.

“United’s response when trailing 1-3, was very embarrassing. ManCity’s possession of the ball reached 92 percent? They really have given up,” said Neville, quoted by Sky Sports.

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3. MU letoy

Manchester United's ridiculous stats when they were massacred by ManCityportrait of Harry Maguire (

Neville also assesses the MU players look letoy. They, mentioned Neville, just walked on the field, as if there was no desire to score a goal in return.

“They just walk on the field. Nothing comes close to good words. There is nothing to complain about, ManCity is great. But, as a Manchester United fan, this is a shame,” said Neville.