Many Mothers Kill Their Biological Children in Brebes, Psychologists: Don’t Blaspheme! – The case of a mother killing her biological child in Brebes suspected of being depressed has captured the attention and concern of Child and Family Psychologist, Roslina Verauli.

The woman who is familiarly called Vera wholeheartedly asked the Indonesian people not to easily give judgment or judgment on the mother’s actions.

According to Vera, this action needs to be taken because not everyone, including the mother with the initials NU, was born with a healthy mental condition and social environment.

“Wow, why is there a mother who kills her own child? Then we judge, we blaspheme. Stop it, because we never know what people experience, what they live about their lives,” said Vera in her personal Instagram content, quoted by, Wednesday (23/3/2022).

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Illustration of violence against women.  (ANTARA/Shutterstock)
Illustration of violence against women. (ANTARA/Shutterstock)

Explaining further the alleged mental condition of the mother of three children, Vera then explained that everyone has their own emotional tank.

He said, how full the tank is that can regulate how vulnerable a person is to stress and how he deals with the problems he faces.

Moreover, he does not deny that there are some people who are born with emotional tanks that have been filled since they were born, one of which is filled with emotions of anxiety that are passed down from their parents.

“In some individuals there are tablets who are born with biological conditions have higher anxiety than most people, because earlier, anxiety is inherited,” explained Vera.

In addition, the psychologist from Kids 911 also confirmed that there were children who were born with aggressive conditions, which were also passed down from their parents.

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“So it doesn’t matter that the emotional tank has been filled with a tendency to anxiety, aggressiveness for example,” said Vera.