MB WhatsApp Apk iOS ( Iphone ) Latest Version 2022

BantenDay.co.id – No one should doubt the benefits of Whatsapp in filling the ranks of online messaging applications, because many features are provided for the convenience of information and communication. But the application is considered less than perfect by some users, then was born MB WhatsApp to complete the features and anything that is not available in the official application. If you’ve heard the term GB Whatsapp, maybe this one is still not familiar to your ears.

MB WA is a chat application, video calls, voice calls, etc. which are taken from the original version. That is, the original version of Whatsapp developed by Whatsapp LLC has been modified by a third party. From these modifications, other features and conveniences were added to suit user needs.

It is for this reason that many users of the original (official) version of WhatsApp have switched to the mod version. MB WhatsApp is actually the same as GB Whatsapp which has been widely used and utilized its features and advantages. The difference is, if GB WA is used on Android-based devices, MB WhatsApp can be used for iOS or iPhone as well as Android.

Features of MB WhatsApp

It has been mentioned many times about the MB WhatsApp feature that can be used. Curious what are its superior features? Let’s take a good look at the following explanation!

1. Features of MB Whatsapp Message Anti Delete

Have you ever received a message that has not been read but the sender has deleted it? You must be annoyed and curious about what was actually sent. Now, by using the MB WA modification application, the message cannot be deleted if it has been sent. This means that you can still read it even if the sender has withdrawn the message.

2. Submission of Large Files

The official Whatsapp application that can be found on the Playstore has a maximum limit of sending files once. If the policy has not changed, files sent via the WA application, both in the form of images and videos, are only limited to 16MB. It’s different if you use the mod version this time, the file sent can be bigger than the original version.

3. Download Other Contact Status

Often see other people’s status on Whtasapp, but can’t download it? Yes, that is indeed what happens if you use the original version of the application that has been used by more than 5 billion Android users. But that will not happen when using MB Whatsapp iOS where you can easily download any status from the available contacts.

4. MB Whatsapp IOS Display

Want to have an iPhone display on the WA application on an Android phone? you can do that using MB WA which we discussed this time. As is known, the appearance of the Whatsapp application between Android and iPhone is indeed different. The difference is from the location of the menu and the display provided.

5. Adjusting the Speed ​​of Sound

The feature of the official version of the Whatsapp application on the Playstore can send voice messages with easy steps. That is by pressing the microphone button and starting a voice message. The same will also be found when using MB Whatsapp. The difference is, you can set the speed before sending, speed up or slow down.

6. Hiding the Blue Tick

Already know all the codes from the Whatsapp messaging application when sending messages? The clock code means the message has not been delivered because there is a problem with the sender’s network. The two blue ticks mean the message has arrived and the recipient has read it.

Well, for some people, there are those who don’t want the code to be seen by the sender. This means, even though you have read the message, the code on the sender still has two gray ticks, which means it has not been read. Thus, you are considered to have not read the message and are considered not to be online.

7. Many Free Themes Available

Tired of the same WhatsApp look (green and white)? Surely you already know that the theme of the WA application cannot be changed if you use the official version? Well, if you are bored and want to replace it, please use the modified version of MB Whatsapp.

Download MB Whatsapp Latest Version

Any third-party apps, also known as modified versions, are definitely not available on Playstore. That way, if you want to download the latest MB Whatsapp iOS Apk, you have to look for the website that provides the service. No need to bother looking for it on the Playstore because we guarantee you won’t find it.

Apkpure is a service provider site that provides free downloads of modified versions of applications. So please try to find it there. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the latest version. So you don’t get confused and take a lot of time, you can directly search on Google with the keyword “Download MB Whatsapp iPhone” or you can download it directly here.

How to Install MB WA iOS

Have you successfully downloaded the WhatsApp MB modification application? Save it carefully and remember where the apk file is. Because the next step you have to do a different installation when compared to the original version.

  • First, please enable the installation of unknown source applications by opening the “settings” menu => “security” => “privacy” => tick or slide the toggle “installation from unknown sources”.
  • Next, find and open the downloaded MB Whatsapp apk file.
  • Press “install” on the notification that appears.
  • Wait for the process to complete.


Indeed, it cannot be denied that the mod apk version of this application has many advantages compared to the original version. However, in terms of security, it is still doubtful because some MB Whatsapp users reported that their numbers were banned by the official developer Whatsapp LLC.