Meaning of the word Cepu Viral on TikTok and Other Social Media

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There are so many words that have sprung up on social media and have gone viral. The word became famous because netizens accidentally uttered it and eventually became viral on social media. It is undeniable that social media is seen by many pairs of watching eyes so that the spoken word becomes famous quickly.

Netizens usually get the word viral from language that is usually difficult to understand. These words can be created from regional languages, foreign languages ​​or languages ​​that we understand but are used as abbreviations to make it easier for us to type the word.

In the Tiktok application, one word appears, actually this word has been out on social media for a long time but only became viral in 2022. The word is the word Cepu, this word is usually used for hanging out children.

Some netizens definitely know this word but they don’t know what it actually means, instead of us getting more curious, let’s look at the following explanation about the meaning of the word Cepu Viral on Tiktok, this is the explanation.

Overview of the word Cepu

The Meaning of the Word Viral Cepu on TikTok

For us tongkrongan children, the word Cepu is the word that is said most often. Cepu is also a word that is pinned if there are friends who are in the hangout doing a fight from one friend to another, then from there that person is called the word Cepu.

We can assume that Cepu is a person who has the nature of a complainer, a man who fights against each other and is not loyal to a friend who wants to be comfortable on his own. Actually, many people who have this trait, even among our friends, must be Cepu, but they have not shown their true nature because they do not want to be called by the nickname Cepu.

Cepu can be said to be a provocateur between friends so that there is a sense of hostility, usually people who have this Cepu trait will try to fight in guerrillas between friends 1 tongkrongan.

People who come out of cepu nature are usually people who hang out are people who are fed up and are usually bullied. Cepu’s nature also comes out because there are 2 or more people he hates but are afraid to deal with directly so that he can’t help but try to play them against each other.

The meaning of the word Cepu cannot be equated with a backstabber or gossip, indeed this cepu must be a reliable gossiper and can talk about bad friends and other friends in detail. But unlike the case of backbiting Cepu, Cepu is a person who has two faces and is very good at drama.

Cepu is a dangerous trait and we must stay away from it because if many people already know the nature of our Cepu, the worst thing is that no one cares about us at all. Not even willing to sympathize.

The Meaning of the Word Viral Cepu on TikTok

Netizens on Tiktok have different views on the word Cepu. Cepu does have a meaning that is a complainant or a man fighting sheep. However, for social media applications such as Tiktok, the word Cepu is used to refer to people who comment but with provocative comments that result in a commentary war in it.

Therefore, accounts that always comment against each other will be given the title Cepu, so we don’t have to serve people who want to make comments wars in a post.

For us, good netizens, it is better if we avoid Cepu, because if we have these qualities, we will be bullied. The conclusion that we can draw is that Cepu is a person who likes to play against each other between friends so that there is a commotion or dispute between 2 people who are pitted against each other by people who have the character of Cepu.

We are also advised not to be shy people so that people around us do not stay away from us and in the end we do not have a friend who can help us.


Thus the article that we convey about the meaning of the word Cepu Viral on Tiktok, hopefully this article can be useful, look forward to our next update.

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