Metranet Collaborates with KESAN Application, Presents Islamic Content on – Metranet signed a collaboration with the KESAN (Santri Sovereignty) application. Later, KESAN will provide content (especially during the month of Ramadan) on

The signing itself was held at the Metranet office, Mulia Business Park, Jakarta, Monday (21/03). Present at the event were Metranet Business Director Faisal Yusuf and KESAN President Director Hamdan Hamedan.

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“We welcome this collaboration, especially since and KESAN have the same audience, namely the millennial generation and generation Z,” said Hamdan.

He added, this collaboration will certainly expand audience for both parties. Moreover, millennial and generation Z children are close to the world of digital lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Faisal said, “Through this collaboration, it is hoped that it will make it easier for us to learn about Islam and be of benefit to all.”

KESAN is an Islamic application that provides the Koran, prayer schedules, call to prayer alarms, and others. This collaboration includes providing Islamic-themed content to be broadcast on the news portal and social media

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On the other hand, in the KESAN application, news from will be displayed.

The KESAN application, which is available on the Google Play Store and App Store, is an Islamic application created by Indonesian children. Presented with complete and free features, this application is specially designed to accompany students, retired students and all Muslims at all times.

For users who want to explore the value of worship, there is a 30 juz Al-Quran complete with transliteration, translation, choice of reciters to Arabic fonts to choose from. Every day at 9 am, a ‘wisdom of the day’ will be given which contains quotes from authentic hadiths, quotes from scholars or verses from the Koran that can be shared.

What will the collaboration take? Please wait!

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