Minister of Health Budi Reveals Indonesia’s Demographic Bonus Can Be a Curse, Why? – Minister of Health or Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin revealed the threat of the curse of Indonesia’s demographic bonus in 2022. This is because the demographic bonus, which should be profitable, has become a burden on the state because the number of young people who should be healthy and productive in building the country, actually gets sick easily because at the age of babies they are stunted or suffer from diseases.

“A lot of people say we can be a demographic bonus, but it can also be a demographic curse. Why? Because we are 24 percent stunted. Now we have a lot of babies but their IQ is only 80 percent below standard, that’s not a bonus, it’s a curse. ” said Minister of Health Budi during a visit to Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Saturday (26/3/2022).

Stunting is a condition of failure to thrive due to malnutrition in the first thousand days of a child’s life.

This condition has long-term effects to adults and the elderly, which even affects the condition of the brain and thinking abilities as adults.

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Even so, said Minister of Health Budi, the Ministry of Health continues to make improvements, starting with screening pregnant women and newborns who are at risk of stunting, so that they can be directly intervened if they are malnourished after birth.

However, he also confirmed that Indonesia still needed to improve maternal and child health service facilities, including by building a special hospital for mothers and children.

“So that they can live healthy and smart lives to be more productive in the next 20 or 30 years, it is very important to secure the Indonesian economy in the future,” explained Minister of Health Budi.

In this way, if the pregnant mother and child have been screened since the beginning of pregnancy and from birth, after that if it is found that the mother and child have the disease, it can be cured or minimized.

As a result, both mothers and children can maintain their quality of life into adulthood and maximize Indonesia’s demographic bonus in 2030.

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The good news is that Indonesia has just received assistance from the IsDB Group funding health investment for the construction of 6 special hospitals for mothers and children in Indonesia.